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Australia’s Best Promotional Paper Bags with Logo

Brands looking to transform their reach and visibility at a low cost should choose promotional paper bags. They entice your customers to do more business with your brand. Regardless of your brand identity and preferences, you’ll find the perfect promotional paper bags on Brandconnect. With our Shop Smarter & Faster features, you can easily find what you’re looking for just by typing it on the box above or adjusting the filters on the left!

As a symbol of consumerism, no store or shop should go without promotional paper bags. They are necessities when doing business regardless of what you’re selling. Stores, shops, cafes, restaurants, boutiques, trade shows, and more can benefit from the marketing benefits that promotional paper bags can offer.

Different brands have different needs for promotional paper bags. Whether you want them small or large, shiny or matt, you can find the perfect promotional paper bags for your brand! With our Shop Smarter & Faster features, exceptional customer service, & value-added services, there’s no other place like Brandconnect. Feel the Brandconnect difference today!

Types of Brandconnect Promotional Paper Bags

You may think that all promotional paper bags are the same, but you’d be surprised that there are subtle differences that can impact your branding choices. Here are the different details of the promotional paper bags.

Handles: Promotional paper bags vary in handles depending on the weight capacity. Some handles are made of polypropylene rope, paper, polyester, or built-in with the bags. Their styles also vary with some being knitted, woven, non-woven, or die-cut.

Materials: Promotional paper bags are obviously made from paper. For paper nerds, the thickness may vary. Some promotional paper bags are also made from recycled paper to make them more environmentally friendly.

Finish: Promotional paper bags can be shiny or matt depending on the finish you prefer. Both have different look and feel to it based on the thickness of the paper.

Size: Promotional paper bags come in all sizes from small to extra large.

Branding Options for Promotional Paper Bags

There are not a lot of branding options for promotional paper bags. But don’t be fooled, you can still decorate your bags to your heart’s desire with the customisation options available.

Screen print: Screen print works best with one-colour logos. While it can also accommodate multiple colours, it can be costly as each additional colour requires another screen which will cost you more. Screen print is ideal for large solid areas of colour like promotional paper bags. It can also PMS match colours on white and light-coloured items.

Full-colour Digital Printing: Full-colour digital printing allows brands to explore their creativity. Whether you like your logos or designs subtle or all over, your wish is digital printing’s command. It can also achieve variable printing, low order quantities, and no restrictions on colours and fine details.