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High-Quality & Affordable Custom Printed Reusable Shopping Bags in Australia

Reusable shopping bags with logos have now become the most popular branding tools for companies in Australia. Find the perfect reusable shopping bags for your branding needs. With our Shop Smarter & Faster features, you can use our search box on top or filters on the left for an easy and convenient online shopping experience.

Everywhere you go, you’ll see customers carrying shopping bags around. All these cute colours and designs being showcased all over the place. This is the magic of reusable shopping bags. Aside from its obvious function, they are, simply put, unobtrusive mobile advertisements. For every reusable shopping bags with logos you see, the brand and messaging will be imprinted on your mind. And what better way to market to consumers but to do it unwittingly and subconsciously? And this is why reusable shopping bags make for effective promotional tools.

Shopping for the perfect reusable shopping bags for your brand should be easy. And that is what Brandconnect aims to deliver: easy and rewarding online shopping with our Shop Smarter & Faster features, automated order process, topnotch customer service, and value-added perks. You won’t want to shop anywhere else again once you experience the Brandconnect difference.

Types of Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags are already environmentally-friendly in and of themselves. For brands that want to go the extra mile, they can choose shopping bags made of biodegradable and recycled materials. There are also shopping bags for niche purchases like coffee or frozen goods.

Biodegradable Shopping Bags: These are shopping bags that won’t add to our growing waste problems. They can break down with time and won’t end up in our waters or junkyards.

Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags: These shopping bags are made from renewable resources, such as jute, calico, cotton, and bamboo. These materials are easily replenishable through natural reproduction or other recurring processes within a short period.

Recycled Shopping Bags: Recycling means repurposing or upcycling waste into something useful. Recycled shopping bags are made from items found in waste, such as PET bottles.

Cooling Shopping Bags: These cooling shopping bags are made for frozen goods and drink purchases. They maintain the coolness of the items to prevent them from going stale. Perfect for supermarkets and ice cream parlours.

Reusable Shopping Bags Foldable: These foldable bags make storage easier when not in use. They are perfect giveaways for supermarkets, groceries, butchers, delis, and more.

Branding Options for Reusable Shopping Bags

Screenprint: Screenprint is an ideal branding option for one-colour logos and designs but can also be used for multiple colours, however, it would require additional charges. This method is applied one colour at a time and requires additional screens for each colour. It is perfect for large solid areas of colour like in shopping bags. It can PMS match colours on white or light-coloured items.

Digital Transfer: Digital reproduces logos or designs by printing them on transfer paper using a digital printing machine and then is heat pressed onto the product. It doesn’t compromise on fine details and colours. It leaves a matt finish that will not crack or fade with daily use.

Full-Colour Digital Printing: This method perfectly recreates spot-colour and full-colour branding. There are a lot of things that can be done with digital printing that can’t be done with others, such as variable data, capturing of fine details, low order quantities, and no restrictions on colour.

Embroidery: The finish of this branding method is incomparable to any other. It reproduces logos and designs by stitching threads onto the fabric by computerised embroidery machines, leaving a high-perceived value look to the item.

Supacolour: Supacolour uses a heat transfer method to reproduce logos and designs in a fast and easy manner. It captures unlimited colours, gradient effects, and fine details. It is durable and won’t crack or fade ever after 50 washes.

Supasub: If you want a patch-like branding on your reusable shopping bags, choose Supasub. Supasub prints vivid, full-colour logos and images on a patch through sublimation. The patch is then sewn onto the fabric with a satin stitch or cross-stitch around the edges. It allows intricate designs that have fine lines, shapes, and gradients to be produced.

Supaetch: Supaetch is the subtle matt counterpart of Supasub. It uses a laser-cut and laser-etched suede patch. There are 11 suede colours to choose from. You can also choose the thread colour and embroidery edge types.