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For high-quality yet affordable stationery and office supplies, look no further than Brandconnect. Browse through our collection of notebooks, sticky notes, stress shapes, mouse pads, compendiums and more.

Perfect and Practical Items to Promote Your Brand!

When stocking up on office and business supplies, don’t go to Officeworks! Why not choose custom office supplies with your logo for more impact? They are affordable, practical, and on every desk, making them the perfect items to promote your brand . Brandconnect has a wide range of promotional office products for your daily business needs, such as calculators, notebooks, desk stationery, stickers, portfolios, sticky notes, and more.

Custom office products make your business look good. Whether used by your staff or as gifts and giveaways, they are practical marketing tools. Perfect to use at your reception desk or in your store.

What Promotional Custom Office Products Make the Best Corporate Gifts?

Did you know that promotional office supplies make for good gifts to clients, staff, and customers? Here are custom office items that can double as in-house supplies and gifts.

Notebooks & Notepads: Custom printed otebooks and notepads are one of the most popular gift ideas for staff and clients. With the right colour and cover matching your branding and custom printed with your logo or messaging, they make for eye-catching promotional tools.

Desk Accessories: Desk accessories with your logo are popular gifts and giveaways for schools, universities, libraries, and offices with remote employees. They are great for making work areas look more comfortable and homely. Since they are typically kept on desks, people will be more likely to remember your brand.

Compendiums & Portfolios: Any executive and salesperson would be happy to receive branded compendiums or portfolios as rewards or Christmas. They can be personalised with the recipients’ names to give them a personal touch. They are also popular giveaways at exhibitions and conferences.

Pencil Cases: Coupled with pens and notebooks, personalised pencil cases are good gift ideas for schools, universities, and libraries. Since it has a prominent surface area for printing, it can effectively showcase your logo to improve brand awareness and loyalty. Choosing an eye-catching design and decoration option is key to ensuring that people take notice.

Stickers: No longer just used as signages, they can also be stuck on your gifts to replace gift cards for more branding appeal. They are also good and affordable giveaway ideas for millennials and Gen Z when printed with pop culture icons and memes.

Sticky Notes: Customised sticky notes are office essentials that can also be given away as gifts. Choose those that come in a set to make a good impression on the recipients. They come with cases that can be printed on with your branding or personalised message.

Business Card Holders: Business card holders have high perceived value, which makes them great gifts for executives and clients. They are also good rewards for employees, especially those in the sales and managerial departments.

Calculators: Calculators are retro gadgets that are still useful in any business. They make for great gifts for retail stores, accounting firms, and banks. They have a prominent print area for your logo or messaging so you’ll be sure to get plenty of advertising mileage.

Clips: When giving a copy of documents, make more impact when you use custom clips to bundle them up.

Important Things to Consider when Buying Promotional Office Products

Good quality is not just what you need to look for when buying custom office supplies. A lot of factors come into play when creating good promotional products. Here is a quick checklist when creating custom printed office supplies for branding and promotional campaigns:

Good quality: In order to reap long-lasting marketing results, your promotional office products should be of good quality. It is also a good reflection on your brand to be giving high-quality high-quality gifts and giveaways.

Decoration option: The right decoration can make an impact on how your logo or messaging is presented on an item. The decoration options can vary depending on the material of the item. Some decorations are material-specific, like laser engraving for metal and debossing/embossing for leather. That said, the top 3 frequently used decorations are pad print, digital full-colour printing, and screen printing.

Eco-friendly: Some brands prefer eco-friendly gifts and giveaways as they are the more sustainable option. They also make a better impression on recipients.

Artwork: In order to get people to notice your brand, your artwork design has to be eye-catching and relevant to your brand. Good print quality is needed to get your logo or branding to last long on the item.