Best Eco Friendly Promotional Products in Australia

It’s time to join the green revolution with green promotional items! Eco-friendly promotional items put a premium on your company brand by showing you care about the environment. Show your clients and customers that you care about the planet with eco-friendly marketing products.

Brandconnect environment friendly promotional products can make a big statement about your brand being aware of the need to conserve and preserve the environment. We have a great range of green promotional products you can use for your next marketing event. Why do we offer green products? The answer is simple – we care about the environment as much as you do!

Promotional Eco Products Australia Wide

Prove that your company cares for the environment by going green with Brandconnect’s selection of eco-friendly merchandise. There’s no better way to show how conscientious your company is then to hand out recycled eco products to your clients and employees. They will appreciate how much thought has gone into the gift and the impact it is making on the environment. Because of this your clients will think of your company positively as they will know you will take as much care with the business they provide as you do with the company’s environmental cause.

Many companies are switching to recycled materials to protect the environment. This is due to the concerns of diminishing natural resources. By branding biodegradable products your company will be helping in the fight to reduce waste and pollution. At the same time you’ll also be keeping your company logo in plain sight of clients, employees and future clients. Branding eco-friendly products will make a long lasting positive impression on the minds of your clients, employees and competition alike.

Brandconnect has all your eco-friendly product needs for any occasion, whether its a trade show, convention or event your company is sponsoring. Your company can go from being a small business that most will avoid due to its little known reputation to a thriving trusted business that many customers will come to rely upon with confidence.

Our eco friendly products use recycled paper, card, wood from sustainable forests, recycled plastics from car parts, computer keyboards or mobile phones, recycled newspapers, recycled tyres, recycled paper money, recycled denim material, water power, solar power, natural cotton and jute. We have a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly promotional items such as pens and stationary, tote bags and mugs, and seedsticks – all of which can be personalised with your message or logo.

High Quality Green Promotional Items for Brand Promotion

All of our branded merchandise is of high quality which means you can trust us to provide you with some top rate products that will provide a great impression of your business or organisation. Browse our extensive online catalogue to see what products we have on offer. Make sure the price of your chosen product doesn’t change between the time you find your product to the time you place your order by getting a fixed price quote that will last for 30 days. Call Brandconnect today to find out how we can help promote your brand to the fullest extent.

Pens and Stationery

Our eco-friendly promotional products include pens and stationery that are made of materials that are not harmful to the environment. Pens and stationery are great giveaways during your corporate events. They can be given to students during school freshmen orientation or any school event, at the workplace for your employees, and trade shows.

Recycled Promotional Products

At Brandconnect, we strive to contribute to the green revolution. We produce promotional items that are based on waste materials. Take a look at the recycled products we’ve fashioned out of waster such as cotton satchel, tote bags, eco-mugs, and many more.

Promotional Green Seedsticks

Our eco-friendly seedsticks are small giveaways that can make a big impression. We print the cover with your logo or corporate message. Seedsticks also make great alternatives to conventional business cards. Creativity is what we do best, so we can make the best design for our promotional seedsticks.

Let’s Go Green with Promotional Products Today

Investing in environmentally friendly promotional products is a commendable decision for your brand. It shows you care about the environment. With using eco-friendly promotional merchandise, you can also brand your business as a green business. A recent study shows that 55% of online consumers worldwide were willing to pay more for green products and services.

Ordering environmentally-friendly marketing products from Brandconnect is super fast and easy. Choose from our collection or eco-friendly products, upload a design, and then that’s it. We can process your request. If needed, we’ll call you for further design improvement. We ship to all metro locations in Australia for free.

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