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Custom Engraved Metal Pens Make Great Giveaways

When it comes to quality custom pens for trade shows, corporate gifts, employee recognition awards, or just a generous give-away, nothing can beat a smart, well-branded metal pen. Using custom metal pens as a promotional item has always been popular.

Depending on requirement or budget, we have tons of metal pens to choose from. For a more distinguished look that will have any recipient proud to have your pen, may we recommend our custom quality metal pens. Metal pens can either be printed on or engraved. Our metal pens can come in aluminium, stainless steel, or brass, among others. Aside from the durable metal material, these pens also come in a wide selection of colours and finishes.

Engraved pens are a luxury to give or receive, and with the wide variety of pens that we have, you will surely find the pen that matches your need. Metal pens are fantastic when engraved as the branding will have more longevity, and it adds to the timeless elegance of the product.

Engraved pens will always be well-received, and they will always be appropriate for whatever purpose or occasion. Engraving the pen will lend a precise branding design, and the effect will be simple yet classy. Apart from plain engraving, you may have the option to have it oxidized for a more visible effect. Oxidising will give the engraved surface a more noticeable look and gives contrast to offer a more vivid appearance.

Custom Pens Engraved With Name or Logo

If you prefer print rather than engrave, metal pens can also be printed with whatever colour you desire, and you can even have the option to print more than one colour. Metal pens are adaptable when it comes to branding alternatives, and pad print gives you the leverage of capturing the full effect of your logo. Though not as hard-wearing as engraving, printing can last a long time with proper care and usage of the pen.

Because of the unending choices metal pens give, they remain to be a favourite staple promotional merchandise among varying scales of business. If you wish to make the pen more exceptional, you may opt to have the pen in a presentation box or any packaging that suits. Presentation boxes, metal tubes, or even a lightweight velvet pouch will go a long way. With or without branding on them, they will always add a touch of sophistication to the pen, and will add a sense of surprise and excitement to the occasion!

Order Cheap Engraved Pens in Bulk

Printed or engraved, metal pens will prove to be a smart choice where promotional collateral is concerned. With the varied style selections and branding procedures available, you will never be at a loss in deciding for the most fitting metal pen for your purpose. With a relatively fast turnaround, or if you choose to take your time and get more for your money by picking a longer production time with the same results, you will definitely end up being satisfied with the products.

So start getting ready for that next trade show, marketing activity, or whatever event there is, and most certainly, a handsome metal pen will wait to be chosen.

Brandconnect Tip on Using Custom Metal Pens

Brandconnect’s custom metal pens are perfect corporate writing instrument or business gift. Choose from many styles and colours to compliment your brand. Use in house or at trade shows and events. We offer various decoration options from print to engraving and many different areas for logo placement.

With our best custom metal pens at Brandconnect, you can market your brand and show your clients and customers that you appreciate them. Our engraved metal pens come at low prices. They can fit in any marketing budget. It’s a great way to market your brand at a very low price.

When your customers use our metal pens, they feel like they are valued customers. We have a lot of personalisation styles to show what your brand is all about. Take a look at our popular metal pens today, find the right style and colours, and let’s start personalising them.

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