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Personalised lanyards and badge holders are perfect for conferences, seminars, meetings and in house business use. Lots of styles and attachments and decoration methods, from a one colour print to full sublimation. Choose from our cheap promotional lanyards and personalised badges online and get your brand boosted today!

Personalised Lanyards and Badges Make Great Promo Items

Our promotional lanyards are one of the bestselling promotional items at our online store in Australia. They are a huge hit among business owners because of their utilitarian value and marketing effectiveness. Let’s take a look at the reasons why custom printed lanyards are popular and what makes them great promotional merchandise.

Lanyards can be used by everyone – students, office workers, sports enthusiast during sporting events. Students used them with their IDs. Office workers use them to carry their badges or ID as well. Many millennials today also use lanyards to carry their smartphones around their neck. There’s a wide array of uses of custom lanyards making them the most useful promo items to use to boost your brand.

The utilitarian value of this promotional item makes it a great marketing tool for any business in Australia, regardless of what industry it belongs to. For instance, if you are a healthcare company, you can giveaway lanyards to your professional workers where they can place their office badges. This way many people can see your brand because anything you put on the lanyard can be seen by everyone.

There’s an added boost to your marketing campaign when a lot of people notice your brand and start recognising it.

Custom Printed Lanyards and Badges for Any Event

We discussed about the practical uses of personal lanyards and badges above. Any Australian brand can benefit from the use of lanyards. Let’s take a look at specific events where they can serve as the best brand advertisement.

Personalised lanyards come very useful for these specific events: charity events, sporting events, trade shows, concerts, beauty pageants, social and health awareness events, dog shows, speaking engagements, and church events.

If you are planning to hold such events above while thinking about reaching a wider audience for your brand, invest in custom printed lanyards. Take a look at our product catalogue below and start picking the best lanyards and badges to use for your event.

Promotional Lanyards Materials, Colours, and Printing

There are three main materials we have for our personalised lanyards. The choice of material really depends on the purpose of the lanyards. If you want to use it as badge holders of light objects like plastic IDs, you can choose polyester-based lanyards. On the other hand, if the purpose is to carry heavy objects like cellular phones, choose our nylon or cotton-based custom lanyards.

In so far as colours, it is very important that you choose colours that match your brand logo. This will make the finished promotional product attractive. Subdued tones are great. The colour of the lanyard and the font of your message should complement each other. The logo or message should stand out in the colours that you pick to have the best lanyards for your brand.

There are several types of printing we do for promotional lanyards. We do embossed, laser engraved, screen printed, hot stamped, and dye sublimated lanyards. For further details about each type of printing, talk to Brandconnect team. We can always help you pick the right choice today!

Types of Custom Lanyards Available for You

If you take a look at our promotional lanyard product catalogue, you may notice different types. There are some types you can choose from when you pick your event lanyards from our store. The most common types are the following:

Printed Lanyard

We produce printed lanyards where we can showcase your brand logo or corporate message. They are perfect for brands that have complex logo, since weaving a complex logo won’t be easy on a lanyard. With our printed lanyards, your brand logo can shine and capture people’s interest.

Woven Lanyards

We recommend our woven lanyards for brands that have a simple logo or message to promote. The process is simple. Your brand logo is woven into the polyster material. Woven lanyards with your logo look fabulous and classic.

Retractable Lanyards

Brandconnect’s retractable lanyard badge holders come very useful for people who are looking for the best lanyards to restrain and limit fall. Our retractable lanyards are perfect for carrying around separate components as well. They come handy for people who want to keep their IDs visible while showing their IDs to other people or while their IDs scanned. Our retractable lanyard badges work by restraining travel distance and is locked automatically once heavy forced is used.

Your One-Stop Cheap Lanyards and Badges Online Shop in Australia

Many Australian brands get people’s attention with printed shirts or caps. While they are useful promotional items, they are relatively more expensive to produce compared with lanyards and badges. We produce cheap lanyards. When you buy in bulk from Brandconnect, you get a great discount.

We have a great range of novelty lanyards in a wide range of colours and materials. We include printing of your company logo in 1 colour to full colour and also off full sublimation, heat transfers & direct print methods on all lanyards.

Lanyards have a wide assortment of attachments from clips, to badge holders and retractable card holders. Whether it’s an upmarket woven lanyard or a cheap polyester one we have a large selection to choose from.

We can make the best lanyards for any Australian business. Our goal is to produce custom lanyards that can showcase company slogans, logo, corporate message, or anything that a brand wants to promote. Buy the best lanyards from Brandconnect today!

Express Delivery

Many of our lanyards can be printed and shipped in just 4 working days. So if your in a hurry or your usual supplier is not fast enough ask about our Express Lanyard Service.

Brandconnect Tip on Using Promotional Lanyards and Badges

Invest in promotional lanyards if your business wants to reach a wider audience. Anybody can use a lanyard, it’s highly economical compared with other promotional merchandises, it promotes brand familiarity, and very easy to customise and order. With the perfect logo, colours, and materials, your brand can succeed with marketing while not breaking the bank.

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