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Promotional Mugs with Logo

Branded mugs great visibility for your brand. Our ceramic, plastic or steel mugs can be branded with a full colour wrap to personalise your logo. Order now.

Custom printed mugs are perfect for your workplace

Brandconnect carry a huge range of styles including cheap white or black mugs to flared lip & many more ceramic types. We also have Travel Mugs and popular take-way coffee mug. We can custom design coffee cups to your logo and corporate colours for high visual impact and brand recognition.

Dishwasher Safe Printed Mugs

Mugs take allot of wear and tear. We therefore do not simply print your logo onto a mug we kiln fire the design as part of the production process. It is this firing process that makes the your logo durable to everyday wear and tear as well as use in a dishwasher.

Ceramic Clay Mugs – Everyday Promotional Mugs

Like anything in life – Mugs can be cheap or expensive depending on the type of materials used. Everyday ceramic promotional mugs are generally made from clay. Clay is plentiful, durable and above all cheap. The down side is clay is heavy and the finish is not as smooth as more premium materials like Porcelain or Bone China. Apart from weight – the base of a clay mug will feel slightly rough when compared to a bone china mug.

Bone China or Porcelain Mugs – Luxury Branded Mugs

Bone China is a premium material and is used to make luxury and intricately designed mugs. Likewise porcelain is a much more complex material than simple clay. It is made from a combination of Kaolin and a porcelain paste made from bone ash and feldspathic material. This gives the porcelain a shiny lustre on the surface. Porcelain is also exceptionally strong so do not need to made as thick as ceramic mugs. So they can be delicate and refined – best used as a special gift than an everyday branding product.

Why Do I have to order a minimum of 48 Mugs?

Mugs come delivered in cartons which usually contains 48 Mugs. When packed securely the mugs have a smaller chance of breaking when handled by couriers. Quantities outside of this multiple need additional packaging and time to make them secure. This adds to the cost and places a risk of damage.

Can I have my Mugs packaged?

Some of our mugs come with a basic gift box. For those that don’t we can individual pack your mugs in a white box and also print a label to the box. Please ask us about the packaging and presentation options.

Can You design a custom mug?

Of Course, it’s all part of our service. Tell us what you want and we will design it for you at no additional charge.

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