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Power Bank Is A Trendy Promotional Item

There will come a time when our mobile phones and tablets will do everything for us. When that happens, don’t you want your brand to become associated with people’s phones and tablets?

One way you could do that is through imprinting your logo on personalized power banks. Since people are glued to the screens of their mobile devices, their batteries easily run out. People would appreciate the mobile charging that these branded power bank chargers provide. In return, your logo will get increased awareness and recall from the users and the people around them, which will result in lead generation and repeat business.

Stand Out from Competition with Promotional Power Banks

Since the millennials are among the heaviest user of technology, they will appreciate your logo-imprinted corporate power banks. Appealing to them is no joke as they have the strongest buying power out of all the generations with a projected collective expenditure of $1.4 trillion by 2020.

Branded power banks can also give you more advertising mileage than traditional and digital advertisements ever could. Industry studies show that they are typically kept for more than 12 months, some even last for beyond 2 years. It means that your brand will generate impressions to the users and the people around them throughout this period. They are also cheaper than other advertising mediums.

Let promotional power banks charge up your different marketing campaigns, such as:

  • Trade shows, conferences, and seminars
  • Employee reward and appreciation programmes
  • Recruitment drives
  • Product launches
  • Brand awareness campaigns
  • Sales programmes
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Corporate gifts
  • Special event giveaways
  • And many more…