3 New Logo Printing Options for Eye-Catching Branded Merchandise

Promotional products are not as powerful without the right branding.

While we have espoused time and again about the benefits of using promotional products for your branding campaigns, they simply would not be as effective without a clear and impactful logo or messaging. The printing is just as essential as the promotional products. After all, how could you promote your brand if the logo is blurred or easily erased?

These days, logos and messaging can be printed using various methods that make it pop out and last longer. Read below to learn more about these new printing technologies and what they can bring onto the table.


Gone are the days of limited colour printing methods, such as RGB and CMYK printing. Supacolor makes it possible to identically reproduce logos regardless of how intricate it is. Named as one of the world’s best heat transfer technologies, it prints vibrant logos and designs on garment items with quick turnaround time.

Supacolor capabilities:

  • Limitless colours
  • Can accurately reproduce complex designs and images in high resolution
  • Doesn’t require weeding for free-floating text
  • Moves with the fabric
  • Versatile as it can be applied on any type of fabric and texture
  • Last for up to 100+ washes, guaranteed to outlast the product
  • Only uses high-quality and eco-friendly inks
  • Affordable


The Supaetch is a decoration option that is an update to regular embroidery. It involves imprinting logos on a laser-etched suede patch that has been laser-cut. It allows for an accurate representation of your logo since it can be over locked on any fabric. It has a subtle yet classy finish, giving high-value and professional look to promotional products.

Supaetch Specs

  • Suede is available in 11 colours
  • 2 stitch options: matching or contrast
  • 5-day turnaround time after artwork approval

Digital Printing

Digital printing allows digital-based logos, images, and designs to be printed directly on promotional products as is. This is a fuss-free decoration method unlike with traditional offset methods such as offset printing, which requires printing plates in order to transfer the design onto the item. The only caveat is that it doesn’t work on some products. However, it more than makes up for it with its short turnaround time, personalised variable data printing, and on-demand printing.

Digital printer inks include the typical CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black), extended color gamut inks (blue, green, and orange), and specialty dry inks for clear, white, and metallic effects.

Try out these new printing options today!

When choosing decoration options, learn to live on the wild side and opt for these new decoration options to make more impact with your logo and designs. For more inquiries about these decoration options, contact us at 02 8072 3350.