Hottest Custom Polo Shirts to Change Your Marketing Game

Promotional clothing is an effective marketing tool that can enhance brand visibility and recognition. People wearing your company’s custom polo shirts will be seen everywhere they go to and by every one they’ll cross paths with. They are basically walking billboards but better since they have a more personal touch. Deciding to wear a brand’s custom polo shirt can be seen as an endorsement of that brand’s services or products to the wearer’s friends, family, and colleagues. If you are thinking of using these custom polo shirts to leverage your bottom line, here are useful tips to help you.

Custom polo shirts are the second most popular promotional products

In Sydney, custom polo shirts come second to writing instruments in terms of popularity. Custom polo shirts are more common than other promotional products due to its usefulness and reach. While writing instruments are frequently used in people’s day-to-day lives, there are only a few times when they get used within the day. Meanwhile, clothing is pretty much non-negotiable when people go out as they can’t step out their door naked, lest they want to face ridicule and legal repercussions. These custom polo shirts go wherever the wearer goes, so you’ll be assured that your logo will be seen by the people they come across with.

Custom Polo Shirts – Ladies Alyssa Polo

Custom polo shirts have an average life span of 6 months

Most people generally keep wearing their custom polo shirts for six months until they chuck it to the bin, while some keep theirs for longer than a year. That span of time will deliver you more exposure than traditional advertisements and at a cheaper price point too. Speaking of exposure…

Custom Polo Shirts – Dri Gear Challenger Polo

Custom polo shirts attract almost 2k impressions

In all the comings and goings of a person wearing your custom polo shirt, it can generate 1,755 impressions in its 6-month shelf life. Impressions are the number of people that will be engaged by the custom polo shirts and possibly entice them into doing business with your company. Yes, the latter is true since a recent PPAI research says that 80% of people are bound to research your brand and avail your products or services upon seeing a brand’s logo on promotional products.

Custom Polo Shirts – Liberty Polo

Age groups aren’t discerning when it comes to receiving custom polo shirts

People of all ages love receiving custom polo shirts. Who doesn’t love free stuff, right? More than half of each age group are reported to own custom polo shirts. It’s no wonder that these promotional clothing items are one of the most popular out of all the products.

Custom Polo Shirts – The Superdry Polo – Mens

Although women are more welcoming of receiving custom polo shirts

While all age groups enjoy receiving custom polo shirts, there are women who own them than men. This information will come in handy if your target market of recipients primarily consists of women of all age ranges.

Custom Polo Shirts – The Argent Ladies Top

Order custom polo shirts now for your next promotional activity

Custom polo shirts do not just help your brand generate more exposure and recognition. They also improve the people’s opinion of your brand, therefore resulting in higher brand loyalty and referrals. If you want to check out our collection of the best custom polo shirts in Australia, check them out here. If you have a custom idea that you can’t find in our collection, we could also produce these promotional clothing pieces for you. Just contact us through email at or by phone at 02 8072 3350, from Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm.