5 Ways Branded Merchandise Levels Up Your Marketing Strategy

Branded merchandise may seem like an additional expenditure that your marketing strategy does not need, but they are as crucial to your business in driving sales and generating leads as any other promotional initiatives. If you are still not incorporating promotional products into your strategy, you are missing out on so many benefits.

Here are five ways you can leverage branded merchandise to meet business goals

Announce your presence to the world

Branded products, such as event promotional items, are as good as any branding efforts to make consumers or clients recognize your brand. According to a recent Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) survey, close to seven out of 10 brands deem promotional products an effective medium to fulfill their marketing needs. Since most people tend to use branded swag for a minimum of more than a year, you can count on repeated exposure to not just the recipients, but also the people around them.

Put the spotlight on your company during conferences, trade shows, and events

It is easy to get lost among the competition in jam-packed events such as conferences and trade shows. Promotional products can ensure increased foot traffic to your booth. These products also help consumers retain your information long after the event is long over.

Give your image a much-needed boost

Reputation management and public relations are proactive methods to maintain your image and credibility to the public, but did you know that you can also do it with branded merchandise with even less effort? Eighty-two percent of people surveyed by the PPAI gain an improved perception of the brand after receiving promotional products.

Help you extend your reach

People generally keep promotional products for up to four years, so you can only imagine how many people they will come across within that period. It has been said that a single piece of branded merchandise can generate up to 52 impressions within a year and 208 during a five-year period with weekly use.

Moreover, branded merchandise are typically passed along to their friends, family, and acquaintances after they are finished with them, therefore exposing your brand to a new circle of individuals. It also means that your promotional product is a gift that keeps on giving for both your brand and the people surrounding your recipient.

Spend less on an effective form of advertisement

Promotional products get you more bang for the buck. It delivers far greater brand impressions at a fraction of the cost than traditional advertisements. You only have to shell out an average of .6 cents to get one impression for promotional products versus $1.80 for print and TV ads. Branded merchandise also has a way of sticking to people’s minds as 85% of those who receive them tend to remember the brand. Almost all of them will be able to commit to memory a company’s branding, messaging, and call to action upon owning a promotional product.

Keep the customers coming back for more

Promotional pique the interest of people. Seventy-nine percent of people research the company after receiving branded merchandise from them. Meanwhile, the chances of them of doing business with the company is upped by 83%.

Make employees and clients as brand ambassadors

When you give away promotional products, it is not really a guarantee that people will actually use it. Fortunately, there is a workaround for that! When you incorporate your logo into your employee’s workwear or important work instruments, you’ll be sure that your staff will be seen using your branded merchandise on their way to work, during corporate functions, or while working.

For extra advertising mileage, you can also give branded business gifts to your clients. Choose branded merchandise that can be displayed prominently in their desks or while at work in order to expose your brand to their own customers, partners, or clients.

Improve your marketing with branded merchandise starting today

By adding branded merchandise to your marketing strategy, your company will be able to achieve new heights. If you want to know how to get started with your promotional product marketing plan, browse through our selection here or reach out to our representatives through phone 02 8072 3350 (8:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday) or email sales@brandconnect.com.au.