4 Ways to Keep Your Pets Occupied at Home

It’s not just us humans who are affected by the pandemic - our pets are too. You may have noticed changes in them lately, like being overly clingy and acting out. Not even the usual pet treats and gifts can calm them down. While most pets may find it exciting that they get to spend more time with their humans, they can be stressed by the change in our routines and our constant presence too! In fact, here are ways that this pandemic has been affecting our pets:

1. Pets can sense their owners’ emotions
It’s a terrifying world out there and it’s natural to feel frightened, anxious, stressed, and angry even. However, all these emotions can be sensed by your pets regardless of how good you think you’re handling them. Dogs, in particular, can pick up emotional cues in their owners’ body odor, voice, posture, and faces, according to a number of studies.

2. Pets start developing separation anxiety
Since they’re now used to having us around the house, they get stressed out even by short periods of separation. Going to the grocery or even to another room can make them sad. When things go back to normal, leaving for work will hit them harder than it used to.

3. Pets are getting stressed
Pets require plenty of sleep, especially older dogs and cats. Since we’re always around, they can sense our every movement, getting them excited and disrupting the time that they usually sleep when we used to go out for work. This stresses them out and can cause stress-induced illnesses.

Activities to keep your pets occupied

This can be worrisome for fur-parents, but fortunately, the trick is to keep a strict routine: establish a strict work schedule without them in the room, feed them on time, and keep them occupied. Here are stress-busting activities they can do to keep them sane and happy.


Sleeping is the solution to most emotional and health problems, even with pets. If possible, let them sleep in a separate room where no one could bother them. Give them a comfy pet bed especially if you don’t want them sleeping on your bed or couch.


Pets when bored can get into all sorts of mischief just to pass the time. If you don’t want them to be ruining your furniture or shoes, make sure that they have their favourite toys nearby to keep them entertained. If you have an enclosed yard, you can also let them loose for a while to let them expend their pent-up energy.


To spend quality time with your dogs, walk them every day to keep them happier, healthier, and more behaved. Just make sure to do it consistently at the same time so that they can develop a routine.

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Make sure that your dog is drinking water regularly to keep them healthy. Dogs can easily get dehydrated, so keeping their drinking bowls nearby will help remind them to drink water more frequently.

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Help your pets adjust to the pandemic with these stress-busting pet activities!

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