Complete Checklist to Create A Custom Work-from-Home Pack for Your Staff

As the Coronavirus outbreak ravages the nation and the world, many businesses have opted to put their staff on remote work arrangements to keep them safe and reduce the spread. It can be difficult for some companies by the sudden need. Even more so, the employees. Not everyone is used to working at home and it can be overwhelming for some. To help them ease into remote working, here are the things you can provide them as an employer to maintain their motivation, focus, and productivity.

Company communication system

Define how your staff and their teams can communicate and collaborate. Find effective productivity and collaboration tools to make remote working as easy as possible. Collaboration tools to check out are Google Drive, Trello, Asana, and GitHub.

Your employees can interact and schedule meetings using chat and conferencing tools, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype. Finally, get an updated contact list for employees in case of emergencies.

Technology & Gadgets

Invest in technology and gadgets that allow your staff to still work and function as if they are in the office. The most important of all is internet connectivity.

Second, if your business has the budget for it, supply them with laptops that come installed with all the licensed software programs that they use for their jobs. It is also important to secure your company information and data, so make sure you install antivirus and firewall programs to protect it from data theft and manipulation. If you have a limited budget or time, you can just let them take home their PCs in the office.

You may also need to give dedicated mobile phones to some of your staff, depending on your business requirements. Otherwise, you can install a VOIP program into their laptops.

It goes without saying that you’ll also need to provide the laptop periphery and accessories they may need, such as:

Office supplies

Not everything can be done digitally, so your employees will still need the usual office supplies. Get them the following so they don’t feel like they’re missing anything from their usual routine:

Health & Wellness

A happy and healthy employee is a productive one. They may forget their usual healthy habits such as drinking water, working out, and coffee and snack breaks, so look out for them and provide them with things that will serve as reminders for them.

Encourage them to drink water regularly by giving them branded water bottles. Taking the time for breaks, coffee, and tea is also important. Since they’ll be losing access to your company pantry, you can still keep them stocked up on branded tea, snacks, and chocolates.

For working out, you can encourage them to join a fitness app. Some apps provide free access this month, such as Down Dog and Tone It Up. There are also gyms and fitness bloggers who are live-streaming free workouts on their page and Youtube channels. Check out this page for more information.

You can also provide them with workout items that they can use.

Personal essentials

With the quarantine going on, people may have a hard time to go out and buy at the store. Help your employees by providing some of their personal essentials and toiletries. This way, it’ll save them from queuing up at the shop and risking getting exposed to the virus.

Comfortable clothing

With the weather getting colder, keeping your staff warm and cozy at home contributes to their productivity. According to a study, colder temperatures cause employees to become less productive and commit more errors. You can promote warmer attire by organising the below items:

Help your employees transition to working from home easily!

Shifting to remote work may catch your employees by surprise but providing them with the tools they need can make a world of difference! You can bundle these items for your custom Work-From-Home Packs , just let us know your shopping list through this link. You can also call or email us.