5 Health and Wellness Ideas for Happy and Healthy Remote Employees

Since many people are now working from home, it is easy to put their healthy habits on the curb. Employees might be taking their health for granted, affecting their general well-being and productivity. Help your employees keep healthy and happy with these 5 employee health and wellness hacks while working at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Have an organised, designated workspace

It’s easy to blur the lines between professional and personal life when working at home. Doing work on the bed affects sleep while working on the couch can keep the mind preoccupied with work matters even during your downtime. Having an organised and dedicated workspace puts the brain into work mode and prevents it from being distracted by personal matters. Make sure that all the essential office items are within reach by providing your team with one of our Work from Home Packs so they have easy access to the necessary resources and stationery to do their jobs effectively.

Recommended items:

Work From Home Pack A (ballpoint pen, sticky notes, notebook, and jelly beans)
Work From Home Pack B (organiser notebook, smartphone holder, and recycled highlighter)
Home Office Pack (stress toy, drink bottle, headphone with mic, and 2-in-1 phone cable)

2. Make time for workouts

It is easy to forget working out when stuck at home. Make sure that your employees are keeping fit with scheduled workouts. There are plenty of workout apps that they can subscribe to for free for a limited time during self-isolation, such as Down Dog and Nike Training Club. Giving them a complementing complete workout kit containing a travel exercise system, water bottle, and cooling towel will also encourage them to work out more.

Recommended item:

Home Gym Pack

3. Take small frequent breaks from working

Sitting for prolonged periods is bad for your health and your employees’ health. It is important to get up every now and then and get the blood flowing. Walk around the house or up the stairs to get the blood flowing and keep your brain fresh. Walking around also contributes to the WHO’s recommended weekly physical activity of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity.

Recommended item:

Walking Power Pack (power bank, fidget spinner, pedometer, and water bottle)

4. Make the environment zen and comfortable

A comfortable environment keeps the stress level under control. It is easy to set the calming mood by playing soothing ambient sounds, keeping hydrated throughout the day, and taking a break and walking every now and then.

Recommended items:

Cool Comfort Pack (reusable drink cup, Bluetooth speaker, fiddle cube, and earbuds)
Modern Zen Pack (coffee mug, fidget spinner, earbuds, pedometer, and wireless charging dock).

5. Keep your health in check

Even though employees are staying at home to avoid catching the virus, they could still be hit by other ailments especially if they’re not taking good care of themselves. Help them keep healthy by giving them wellness-boosting items such as lip balms, Hot & Cold Packs, first aid kits, fiddle cube, pedometer, and even snacks for when they need a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Recommended items:

Wellness Pack A (lip balm and yoga gel bead hot & cold pack)
Wellness Pack B (pen, lip balm, lens cloth, and jelly beans)
Handy Helper Pack (squeeze football, first aid travel kit, fiddle cube, and pedometer)

Get happy and productive remote staff during C)VID-19 with these 5 health and wellness-boosting hacks!

Keeping your staff healthy and happy is the first step to ensuring that business operations still run smoothly despite the pandemic. Give them work-from-home care packs to make them feel appreciated and motivated. Browse through our range of different work-from-home kits here or create your custom DIY work-from-home kit through this link. For inquiries, you can call or email us.