7 Hottest Promotional Products Under the Sun this 2019

Summer is the perfect season for your brand to be seen.

It’s the time of year when people spend more time outdoors with more sunshine and hot weather, therefore creating marketing bliss for your brand. Beyond that, promotional marketing strategies just work better in summer.

Thus, it is the ideal time to promote your company through branded merchandise that can be used outdoors. A promotional product can generate more impressions and referrals during the summer than at any other time of year because there are more people outside to see it.

If you want to make a splash for summer 2019/2020, here are the sizzling promotional products to use for your marketing campaigns.

BBQ sets

Get people stoked about your brand with branded BBQ sets. Summer and Christmas aren’t complete without getting together with friends and family and having a BBQ at the park or beach. It is only natural to want to get your logo on these products as these will be highly visible this season.

Drink bottles

The summer heat can be vicious, even reaching a blistering 49.3 °C last summer. With this heat, everyone must stay hydrated at all times. Brands can take advantage of this and give away custom water bottles as they are popular. An added bonus is that they can be used all year round since hydration is a basic need.

Promotional headwear

Promotional headwear is one of the summer’s essentials as they shield the face and eyes from the sun. It is also a prominent advertising space. Your logo would be hard to miss when imprinted on a branded cap or visor.

Picnic sets and blankets

Another popular social activity during the summer is having a picnic at the park. When the sun’s out, people enjoy spending their time outdoors. Therefore, picnic products are another great branding opportunities for your company.


Music festivals and sporting events are also popular during the warmer months. Since these are usually outdoors, people need to keep hydrated with cool drinks. Coolers do a great job of retaining the temperatures of the drinks as well as food. If you want your brand to be seen in these places, choose coolers as your next promotional item.

Travel bags

Summer is the time when people achieve envy-worthy #TravelGoals on their social media feeds. Your brand will have an overseas reach when you use branded travel bags as promotional tools. Bags also typically last for a long time, so they will be generating impressions for years to come.

Beach items

Of course, the summer wouldn’t be complete without going to the beach! Get maximum brand exposure this season by using promotional beach items such as branded beach balls, beach mats, towels, and bags in your marketing campaign. They are brightly coloured and are made to be seen, making them the perfect backdrop for your logo.

Ready to update your promotional marketing plan for the summer?

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