The Power of Promotional Products

In the corporate world, it is important to establish good and long term contacts with employees, business partners, stakeholders and of course clients. Promotional products such as colourful T shirts, caps & hats, coffee mugs, umbrellas, torches, pens, clocks & watches do not cost much but they do help in promotion of brands when they are given as gifts.

It has been observed that promotional products prove to be more effective in brand promotion than the advertisements on TV, Radio and in print. Advertising messages on radio and TV stay for a few seconds or minutes and a printed advertisement may also not get noticed after some time. It is the utility of promotional items that makes them more long lasting and the brand logo on the product does convey an advertising message. In other words, promotional products are low-cost, high- impact marketing tools that can be advertising specialities for brands.

Promotional products such as printed coffee mugs or caps, fridge magnets, engraved pens, mouse pads, personalised USBs, or glassware can be given to employees as incentives and rewards for good performance. They can also be gifted on festivals, company foundation day and individually on employees’ birthdays. Along with the brand logo, a personal touch can be added by engraving the name of the employee on his/her birthday gift.

The only thing to remember is that no matter how trivial your promotional product may be it must have an impressive quality. Screen printed T shirts with the brand logo of your organisation do work very well as promotional gifts. Such customised shirts can also be used for weekend theme work wear to foster a team spirit among employees and their association with the organisation.

When promotional products are given as rewards for work accomplishment, they can be customised with phrases such ‘Star of the Month’, ’Pride of the team’, ‘Team Extra Miler’ to further boost the morale of valued employees. At times, it is not the monetary value of a gift but the appreciation that counts for a worker. What’s more, the gift bearing the company’s brand image also spreads a word about the company.

Branded coffee mugs are also a good idea for corporate gifts, because you can easily put all your contact details on them along with your organisation’s brand logo. When the purpose is to create brand awareness through a gift and use it as an advertising medium, it is rather important to include crisp but legible contact information on the product. Customising promotional products with company logo and its website URL or an email id/phone number help to create a good personalised corporate gift.

Promotional gifts can speak volumes about your company. You may gift them to your employees or to visitors and prospective clients at a trade fair show – they can take your brand name to places and advertise your business effectively.