Why You Should Use Promotional Giveaways for Your Event

A sign that an event is successful is if the attendees remember your brand months after the event occurred. You can achieve this and reap other branding benefits with promotional products. When given as free giveaways, promotional products are guaranteed to build your brand, attract event attendees, and generate new customers.

There are plenty of reasons why promotional products are effective marketing tools for your event. Need further convincing? Here are the reasons why you should be utilizing promotional giveaways for marketing your event.

It is cheaper and more cost-efficient than traditional advertising

Promotional products prove to be a lot cheaper than traditional advertising. Traditional advertisements usually cost hundreds of thousands to millions depending on the advertising timeslot and/or location. With promotional products, you can find giveaways under $1.

Promotional products deliver more impact to your target market. The average cost per impression of a promotional item is only $0.004. Meanwhile, the CPI for each traditional advertising medium is as follows:

  • Promotional product: $0.004
  • National magazine ad: $0.033
  • Newspaper ad: $0.0129
  • Primetime TV ad: $0.019
  • Cable TV ad: $0.007
  • Syndicated TV ad: $0.006
  • Spot radio ad: $0.005

You can attract the right audience

With promotional giveaways, you can create a strategy that can attract the right audience for your brand and event. You can choose promotional products that attract your ideal demographics for the event. For example, you can choose which generation is appropriate for your event, from Baby Boomers to Millennials.

Your event will stay on people’s minds

Promotional products deliver a lasting impression on the attendees of your event. They will remember your event and brand for months and even years after the event. Promotional giveaways are typically kept for a minimum of one year with some lasting for as long as 11 years! Every time people use or see your branded merchandise, it increases the chances of them doing business with your company.

Popular Promotional Giveaway Ideas for Events

Tech Gadgets

Waterproof Powerbank

Floating Mobile Holder

Mibasz Wireless Speaker

Eco-friendly items

Bamboo Cover Notebook with Pen

Eco Shopping Kit

Zigzag Stainless Steel Straw

Seasonal products

Bamboo ECCO Kuppa

Nebraska Cable Knit Beanie with Patch

Umbra – New Event Umbrella

Health & Wellness Items

60ml Hand Sanitiser Gel

Mantra Yoga Mat

Press Hand Juicer

School & Office Products

Swing USB Flash Drive

High Sierra Swerve 17 inch Computer Backpack

Squeeze Thumbs Up

Promote your events today with Promotional Products!

Making an impact with your event is a lot easier with promotional products. Do you need a custom recommendation for your upcoming event? Book a free consultation with us through here.