THE Promotional Product Marketing Plan Checklist for Successful Campaigns

So your business is ready to take the next step and launch your first promotional product marketing plan. We have discussed a lot of times how beneficial promotional products can be for your brand, employee retention, talent recruitment and more. But only with proper planning and implementation.

There is no cookie-cutter plan online that can fit all types of businesses. It still comes down to several factors, such as the industry that the business is in, size, target market, goals and more. If you want to avoid the struggles and failures of coming up with your own promotional product marketing plan, use this Easy & Simple Promotional Product Marketing Plan to shortcut your way to success.

Establish your brand

The first thing you need to consider is how your brand will be presented to the market. Without a defined brand, it can be hard to create a consistent marketing plan. Is your brand modern, traditional, eclectic, or hip? Does it support the environment, community, and other causes? With this information, you can then create a communication and marketing plan that aligns with your brand’s values.

Zero in on your target market

Get the demographics of your typical target: their age, interests, gender, income level, and more. What are the media channels that they are commonly and frequently exposed to? This will determine how you will announce your promotion later on. As much as possible, find out as much as you can about them since the success of your promotional product marketing campaign rides on their shoulders.

Getting a snapshot of the audience you cater to will then determine what kind of promotional products you should use for your campaign. For example, does your target market consist of young professionals who are heavy users of technology? Power banks or wireless chargers will be perfect for them.

Determine your promotional goals

Promotional products are only meant to enhance your overall marketing plan. Make sure that your promotional product plan is aligned with the goals of your marketing plan.

You should also define what your goals are for the promotional products. What will you be using them for? Here are examples of promotional goals:

  • Attract talent and ramp up recruitment drives
  • Improve customer relations and retention
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Motivate and reward employees
  • Stand out in trade shows, events, and conferences
  • Impress and maintain relationships with clients and business partners through corporate and executive business gifts
  • Ramp up sales promotions
  • Entice subscription to direct mail or email newsletter campaigns/follows for social media pages
  • Promote company camaraderie through branded workwear and uniforms
  • Coax people into availing products or services that they are already aware of

Identify business opportunities

To make your promotional product marketing plan even more successful, narrow down your market niche. Find out what missing thing that only your brand can provide. It can then help you stand out from the competition and carve out a presence of your own in the industry.

Spread the word

Advertising and marketing your promotion requires expenditure. Determine the marketing budget based on what your company can afford and how much you will be earning from this campaign. You can then work out what forms of advertisements and promotional activities you can then execute.

After finalising the budget, you can then decide on the scale of your advertising. Seed the information to the media channels that your target market frequents that you identified earlier. Target your advertising to your target consumers as they are more likely to react favorably to it than other markets.

If your company has a limited budget, you can try more affordable advertising options, such as social media posts and other online communication means.

You also have to consider the timing of your promotion. Announcing a summer promotion in the middle of winter will seem out of place. You can check trending news and hashtags and marketing holidays so that you can keep your announcement relevant.

Pique your target market’s interest by calling them to action

Even though promotional products are typically given for free, they can still persuade potential customers to take action. Before giving away the promotional product, you can ask them to sign up for your subscription list, avail of your products/services, hit productivity targets (for employees) and more.

While it is easy to follow a checklist, it can still be overwhelming and nerve-wracking to develop your first promotional product marketing plan. After all, you’ll be flushing money down the toilet if your campaign turns out unsuccessful. Don’t you wish that there are seasoned marketing veterans who can mentor you throughout this process?

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