Promotional Products Serve as Great Employee Rewards

Money doesn’t always buy happiness. Especially when it comes to boosting employee morale and fostering an encouraging workplace environment.

Giving away promotional products is a tried-and-tested method to achieve those goals. According to the 2017 Sales Volume Study by Promotional Product Association International, building up employee relations was the number one purpose for promotional products for that year. Why do many businesses rely on promotional products to improve staff motivation, retention, and brand interest? Here is everything you need to know about giving promotional products to your employees.

Promotional products are mostly used for employee recognition programs

There are plenty of ways that human resource departments can reward their employees. However, 75 % of the HR managers who were surveyed by the Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA) preferred using promotional products in recognition programs. Why is that? Promotional products are much more cost-efficient than other recognition methods. They also have longer-lasting effects compared to monetary rewards as branded merchandise is kept around for an average of a year or at least until they are useful.

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Promotional products are effective in retaining and motivating the staff

In the same APPA survey, 72 % have said that promotional products are powerful tools to motivate and retain employees. While monetary rewards go a long way in increasing employee morale, it’s the more personal gestures that count. As mentioned earlier, promotional products last longer than any other remuneration when it comes to recognizing staff achievements. They will always serve as a reminder of the feeling of being valued by the company for as long as these items are around. They can also motivate people to work harder in order to be awarded these promotional products.

Yes, money is always a good motivator to get people to stay and perform better, but it is not realistic in the long run to keep giving monetary rewards for every achievement in the office. For recognizing simple feats in the workplace, it is more feasible to give away promotional products as you can do it more often without breaking the bank.

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Employees gain a more favorable impression of the brand due to promotional products

Aside from human resource benefits, promotional products also promote the brand and improve its overall perception. Eighty-four percent of HR professionals have revealed that promotional products have created a positive reception of the work culture.

Not all employees automatically have a good perception of the brand. They come in every day to just work and earn after all and not necessarily be a fan of the company or the brand. However, employees with a positive brand outlook are more likely to recommend their company to family and friends. They are more motivated to work and stay in the company as well. Believing in the brand and everything it stands for is always better as it gives them purpose.

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The proof is in the pudding. Promotional products are so effective that 100% of the HR personnel surveyed have said that the addition of promotional products to their employee reward programs have garnered positive reactions from their staff. Reap the same benefits for your company with our extensive range of high-quality and affordable promotional products that will match your budget. Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can also call us at 02 8072 3350 or email us at