Strike Gold with these Promotional Products Tips for the Mining Industry

Promotional marketing in the mining industry may not be as aggressive as in other industries, but it is still a necessary practice for mining companies, suppliers, and service providers to stand out from the competition and manage people’s perception of their brands. The latter is highly important as mining can get a bad rap from time to time by certain groups in the community. Highly strategic marketing is crucial to reach out to clients, increase company morale, and improve brand reputation. One effective marketing tactic is advertising with promotional products. Here are promotional products tips and recommendations for the mining industry.

1. Boosting company morale

There’s no better way to promote your brand than to promote from within. Happy executives and staff make for the best brand ambassadors, so make sure to keep them happy and proud to be part of the company. A way to do this is by taking care of them with health and safety-approved workwear and incentivising them with employee rewards for a job well done.

Mining is an industry that requires plenty of health and safety regulations. Keep them safe with company-issued standard branded high-visibility safety wear and gear to keep them safe and healthy while they are on the job.

2. Managing reputation in the community

The mining sector does a lot of good for the community, including employment and community development projects. WA’s mining sector has posted a record growth of $172 billion in sales in the 2019-2020 financial year, providing 135,000 jobs. Despite its environmental impact, the sector can change people’s perception of them by taking part in local projects while promoting eco-friendly giveaways.

3. Improve client acquisition

Referrals are usually the major source of business for most mining companies, but with so many companies competing for the same clients on a global scale, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition. Attending trade shows is usually where business leaders can network with prospective clients, but most of them have been cancelled due to the pandemic. The key to extending goodwill to your existing and current clients are giving them corporate gifts this Christmas


Strike while the iron is hot in the mining sector with promotional products!

The mining sector is currently enjoying a boom despite the recession. Make sure to take advantage of the opportunity by promoting and marketing your brand strategically. For inquiries or custom product recommendations, you can book a call with our experienced Account Managers. Fill out the link or reach out to us by email or phone.