These 3 Thriving Industries Need Promotional Products to Survive

Promotional products have always been treated by businesses as auxiliary investments, serving as just extra support to the company’s growth. However, in this economy, they have become necessities particularly for some industries that have been thriving against all odds. These three industries have gained an increase in demand as restrictions start to be lifted throughout Australia. Learn how promotional products can continue to fuel the growth for these industries.

1.Restaurants and cafes

If there’s one thing that people learned during the quarantine, it is that they can’t cook well. Hence, there is still a need for restaurants and cafes even through the disruption of the pandemic. The hospitality industry is among the worst hit sectors in Australia yet they are not going down without a fight. Most establishments have adapted to the takeaway and delivery culture that has become prevalent during isolation. Hence, the need for promotional products arise. Branded takeaway food containers, drinkware, and cutlery are not just necessities for each order, they also serve as promotional items. Some restaurants and cafes have also started selling branded merchandise for an additional income stream, like Taco Bell’s official merch. Pizza places can tack a pizza cutter add-on with every order of pizza as well.

Recommended items:

Tote bags, food containers & accessories, and eco drinkware

2. Insurance

One of the sectors that are thriving right now is the insurance sector. While they may be spending conservatively right now just like any other company that is bracing the impact of the pandemic, the insurance industry is expected to be more aggressive by the end of the year when the preventative health measures rise. Insurance agents rely heavily on promotional giveaways to gain new leads and score new clients once they’ve gotten their bearings.

Recommended items:

Plastic pens, magnets, and notebooks

3. Entertainment

With concerts and music festivals canceled indefinitely, musicians have turned to online performance and concert streams. In order to promote these events, musicians can sell branded merchandise like they would in live concerts. For those who have plenty of merch in stock for their cancelled concerts, they can also sell them instead.

Recommended items:

Cotton tees, caps, and lanyards

Boost your growth if you’re in these 3 industries with promotional products!

Promotional products can do a lot in boosting growth for many industries in these tough times. To learn how your business can be transformed with promotional products, get a free consultation with our Account Managers to get a custom promo marketing plan!