5 Powerhouse Industries Transformed by Promotional Products

Time and time again, we have talked about the power of promotional products in transforming brands into household names.

What’s even better is that they can improve brand recognition and awareness, develop corporate identity, generate sales and referrals, retain and appreciate customers, and motivate behaviours, among other things, in the cheapest way possible. You can achieve all these things with other marketing programs, but they are likely to cost more and be less effective. Whereas with branded merchandise, you can generate an impression for a tenth of a cent of expenditure.

While promotional products are effective across the board, they deliver greater results for certain industries due to their specific method of marketing and type of clients they cater to. Here are the top industries that benefit the most from promotional products, according to PPAI’s 2017 Promotional Products Fact Sheet.


The education sector uses promotional products to garner interest, increase enrollment rate, and boost school morale. Promotional products can make schools and universities stand out when they attend open houses, seminars, workshops, college expos, and college fairs.

Brandconnect Tip: The most popular products for the Education sector are: water bottles, writing instruments, backpacks, notebooks, and folders.


Since financial institutions require a lot of face-to-face interactions with clients, they use promotional products to build rapport with clients and attract potential ones. Banks, in particular, give branded merchandise away to reward clients for opening bank accounts or appreciating their businesses.

Brandconnect Tip: If you are in the financial industry, your brand would do well to give away promotional pens, travel mugs, stress toys, and power banks.


Wherever you go, there is bound to be plenty of healthcare institutions in the area. What sets each of them apart is the way it markets itself. One way they do it is by giving away promotional products to establish their presence in the community and gain the people’s trust.

Brandconnect Tip: The best promotional products keep the loyalty of patients are pillboxes, hand sanitisers, and anti-bacterial wipes.


Non-profit organizations survive through donations and support from their community and other stakeholders. How else would people be aware of their causes and programs if not for promotional products? Whether raising funds or awareness, promotional products go a long way in spreading awareness about these organizations.

Brandconnect Tip: Achieve your targets by giving away tote bags, silicone wristbands, water bottles, and custom t-shirts.

Real Estate

The real estate industry requires a lot of outreach and promotion in order to capture the attention of people. If they want to sell off their properties, they have to gain the trust of interested buyers and plant the seed of interest in their minds. Therefore, promotional products are the best marketing methods during open houses and community event as they deliver long-term brand recall and awareness.

Brandconnect Tips: Best promotional products to help real estate agents to gain brand recall and awareness are calendars, key chains, tumblers, and umbrellas.

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