Tips on Boosting Employee Productivity & Focus

Each year, companies lose millions of dollars due to workplace distractions. According to Udemy’s 2018 Workplace Distraction Report, 70% of employees are distracted within the workplace. Two hours a day are wasted on these distractions, according to a CareerBuilder report. Meanwhile, it takes another two hours for employees to get back on track (based on an Atlassian report), meaning that they only work for four hours in an 8-hr workday.

Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent distractions. Here are 4 tips on banishing workplace disruptions and sharpening your employees’ focus in the workplace.

Drown out the noise

One of the top reasons for distraction is office noise and office gossip. Drown out the background cacophony of clacking keyboards, whispering and giggling colleagues, and phone notification sounds with headphones. Listening to music while working is said to increase productivity and focus and reduce stress.

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Keep the energy levels up

It is hard to maintain people’s focus and energy throughout the day, especially after a big lunch. For those periods that people are starting to get sleepy, coffee can work wonders for a quick pick-up. Make sure that you have an overflowing supply of hot coffee and tea for your staff. You can also give them coffee cups with secure lids so that they can enjoy a cuppa without worrying about spillage.

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Don’t let anyone go cold

Working in a cold environment is said to reduce productivity, according to a 2004 Cornell study. People can focus more on work when they are warm. Bundle your staff in stylish branded jumpers and hoodies. Not only are you keeping them comfortable and focused, but it also promotes your brand when they are on the move.

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Minimise smartphone usage

Smartphones are the bane of an employee’s focus. Who isn’t guilty of losing track of the hours staring at their phone even though you only just wanted to check the time? Minimise the temptation of looking at mobile phones during work hours by giving your employees a watch! That way, they won’t have to check their phones unless they have to.

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There are always going to workplace distractions to disrupt an employee’s focus and productivity. But by taking small steps to minimise them, you’ll be gaining back an extra hour or two of work that you normally wouldn’t have. By utilising promotional products, you are not just boosting productivity but also improving employee engagement and brand awareness.

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