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Best Selling Promotional Cooler Bags in Australia

Custom cooler bags are the stars of any barbecues, beach parties, or sporting games! Beers and pops will never go tepid with them around. If you are looking for the best cooler bags for sale at even better prices, you’ll find them on Brandconnect. Our broad collection features cooler bags of any size, style, colour, and price point. To help you narrow down your choice, we’ve got the Shop Smarter & Faster features. Simply use the search box above or the filters on the left side to help you find the perfect promotional coolers and lunch bags. Come and give them a try now!

If you want to make a statement outdoors with your brand, branded cooler bags are the way to go. These cooler bags make the best mobile advertisements as they are made to be used outdoors for barbecues, picnics, beach parties, sporting events, concerts, deliveries, music festivals, and more. It is also easy to endear your brand to customers and clients as cooler bags are useful and maintain the quality of their drinks and food.

Getting ready for your marketing and branding campaigns with promotional cooler bags? Looking for the best cooler bags is as easy as 1-2-3 with Brandconnect. With our Shop Smarter & Faster features, exceptional customer service, and value-added perks, feel the Branconnect difference in your online shopping experience.

Types of Cooler Bags

Promotional cooler bags come in all forms and shapes, Whether you require something specific like a colour or an audio speaker equipped, you’ll find it right here on Brandconnect. Here are just some of the custom cooler bags you’ll find in our collection.

Custom lunch bags: Custom lunch bags promote healthy eating and money-saving as they encourage people to create and bring food from home which is more nutritious and affordable. They are perfect giveaways for students, employees, or executives.

Eco-friendly cooler bags: Custom cooler bags have environmentally friendly options for eco-conscious brands. These cooler bags are made from sustainable materials, such as jute and canvas. Eco-friendly items receive a more positive reception from recipients.

Wine cooler bags: Just as the name suggests, wine cooler bags are made to maintain the temperature and quality of wine bottles. Some wine cooler bags also come with glasses, making them the perfect gifts for wine connoisseurs, clients, and executives.

Novelty cooler bags: Novelty cooler bags are fun ways to shake up the traditional coolers. While cooler bags come in different shapes, sizes, and styles, novelty ones are equipped with gadgets, such as speakers, plushies, and more. If brands want to stand out and get noticed, novelty cooler bags are the way to go.

Full-colour cooler bags: Full-colour cooler bags are made for generating maximum advertising mileage. These bags can be decorated with designs and messaging all over if the advertiser chooses to do so. These serve as great marketing tools for any promotional campaigns.

Branding Options for Custom Cooler Bags

Pad printing: Pad printing is an affordable option for one to two-colour logos and images. This branding method works with uneven, jagged, and crooked surfaces. They can also match PMS colours on white or light-coloured items.

Embroidery: Embroidery is a branding option with a high-perceived value. It elevates normal cooler bags into something more impressive. It can reproduce multi-colour logos by stitching threads directly into the fabric using a computerised embroidery machine. It only requires one setup fee for each position with a maximum of 12 thread colours.

Supasub: Supasub reproduces logos and designs with gradient effects, text, and fine details in an embroidered finish. Unlike embroidery, Supasub is more lightweight than traditional embroidery.

Supacolour: Supacolour is a branding method that uses heat transfer to accurately reproduce vivid, complex, and multi-colour logos. It can capture even the finest details, text, and gradient effects. It lasts long, prints fast, and uses eco-friendly materials.

Supaetch: Supaetch is a laser-etched suede patch that can reproduce logos and designs accurately. It is then laser-cut and overlocked onto custom tote bags.

Screen Printing: One-colour logos and designs are perfect for screen printing. Using this method with more than one colour is fine. However, it requires an additional fee for each colour as it uses one screen at a time. It works well with custom cooler bags as they have large solid areas of colour. It can match PMS colours on white and light-coloured bags.

Digital Transfer: Digital transfer involves printing out the image or design on a special paper and then transferring it onto the item using a hot pressing method. Small order quantities are recommended for this branding method.

Sublimation: Sublimation is similar to digital transfer as the image or design is printed on a transfer paper with sublimation inks. It is then transferred onto the cooler bags using heat. The branding is embedded into the fabric of the item, making it long-lasting despite daily use. It is also able to print variable data, such as individual names and numbers, while also requiring only one setup fee, regardless of the number.