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Promotional Clothing & Company Uniforms

Promotional clothing is more popular than ever. When it’s done well, it creates desire and provides street cred to a brand.

Today, the range of branded clothing is far greater than a few printed t-shirts or embroidered company polo shirts. Anything that’s available in retail can now be sourced or custom made to become a branded promotional piece of clothing.

Event Promotional Clothing

Event and promotional t-shirts fall into this category. Designed specifically for the day or event, they are made to be eye-catching and for limited wear. They are inexpensive, versatile and offer high visibility. The secret to promotional t-shirts is that they display logos and messaging prominently. For eye-catching logos and designs, they can easily capture people’s attention. Especially good for slogans and campaign messages. So getting the design right is important and to do that you need to understand what print process will look good when printed.

If you need to create impactful and memorable promotional t-shirts, contact us to get our expert advice — for free!

Corporate Polo Shirts

Promotional polo shirts blur the line between casual and formal, making them the perfect gift for customers and clients. They can also be used as staff uniforms to make them look more professional and presentable to customers. The staff can also use them at trade shows and conventions when they want to dress to impress potential clients. Finally, polo shirts make cool and comfortable apparel for golfing, tennis, and more.

Brandconnect has a huge selection of premium and classic polo shirts featuring different styles, colours, materials, and brands. Check out how your logo looks on any of our shirts, request a free no-obligation digital mock-up!

Promotional Workwear

Promotional workwear is a great tool to promote your brand while also boosting staff morale and unity. They also make for great corporate gifts, particularly promotional business shirts. The key to getting it right is understanding who the workwear is for and how it will be used and worn. The workwear has to be practical (e.g. UV resistant if worn outdoors), comfortable and look good.

To learn about the various ways you can customise your workwear, contact us today!

Premium Corporate Clothing

This is the high-end premium quality range of corporate clothing. Items such jackets, corporate shirts, hoodies and leading brand names (e.g., Nike). These are items that clients or staff would want to purchase for themselves. Therefore, a gift of such high value and quality reflects the value the company places on the relationship.

Brandconnect can recommend which premium and high perceived value promotional clothing is right for your company. We will send designs and concepts free of charge. Contact us today and put us to work.