Promotional Pens, Pencils & Highlighters

Brandconnect have a wide selection of custom printed or engraved promotional pens to suit any business. We personalise pens with your logo or company branding. We offer free pen sampling, free shipping and no hidden extra pricing. From low cost plastic pens to engraved metal pens we are sure to have the right pen for your company brand.

Where You’ll Find the Best Promotional Pens in Australia

Regardless of the price or the style, you’ll find the best personalised pens in Australia right here on Brandconnect. With our wide range of pens, easy order process, and value-added services, you won’t want to search anywhere else.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it right here on Brandconnect. Our collection of personalised pens online is made up of every type of pen imaginable at every price point. We’ve got plastic, metal, fountain, stylus, executive, and novelty pens to lead and coloured pencils from brands such as BIC, Waterman, Cross, Sheaffer, Cutter & Buck, and Lamy.

We pride ourselves on offering the fastest and most convenient online promotional pen shopping in Australia. Everything will be a superb experience from start to finish.

Types of Personalised Pens and Pencils

We scout our promotional pens from far and wide to give you the very best. From low to high-end, check out the types of personalised pens you can find in our store.

Plastic Pens: Promotional plastic pens are some of the most affordable in our store yet very good quality. Plastic pens make for great giveaways for all occasions, such as trade shows, events, and customer appreciation programmes.

Metal Pens: Promotional metal pens have a high-perceived value, making them perfect for gifts when you want to make an impression. Fortunately, metal pens are available at both low-cost and premium prices. Personalised engraved pens are also made from sturdier material and last the longest out of all the pens.

Executive Pens: Executive pens are the way to the hearts of professionals and high-level executives. These professional pens are amazing gifts for valued clients, executive staff, and more. Brands include Cross, Scripto, Parker & Waterman

Promotional Highlighters: These colourful promotional highlighters are the best giveaways for students, schools, and libraries. They come in different shapes and colours that will make any brand stand out.

Eco Pens: If you want to take a more eco-friendly approach in your promotions, choose promotional eco pens. Eco pens are typically made from sustainable materials, such as bamboo, cardboard, wood, and wheat fibre. Eco pens are growing in popularity among consumers and advertisers alike and just as diverse as plastic pens when it comes to campaigns.

Stylus Pens: The stylus pens are the best giveaways for techies and heavy technology users. They are fast becoming popular as everyone has a smartphone and tablet nowadays.

Fountain Pens: Fountain pens are a classic. They are premium promotional pens that aim to impress. Give them as gifts for business partners and clients.

Lead Pencils: Lead pencils are traditional pencils that we all learned how to write with. We’ve got a wide range of lead pencils to suit the occasion, from traditional ones to mechanical or eco pencils. We’ve got BIC pencils too. Perfect for school events and libraries.

Coloured Pencils: If your recipients or brand are artistically inclined, coloured pencils should be your go-to giveaway or gift. Children and adults who are still children-at-heart would be delighted to receive them.

Why You Should Buy Personalised Pens and Pencils

Did you know that promotional pens are the most popular marketing branding tools? Look around, you can see them being given away by banks, realtors, hospitals, not-for-profit organisations, supermarkets, and practically every brand out there. Personalised pens are useful, affordable, and effective for branding and marketing campaigns.

  • Useful: Almost nine out of 10 people own and use promotional pens on a daily basis. The more a person uses your custom pens and pencils, the more that they’ll be exposed to your brand, providing you with the same marketing benefits as traditional advertising.
  • Affordable: Promotional products are unbelievably affordable. Most promotional pens cost less than $1. In fact, you can find pens as cheap as $.30 apiece, giving you great value for your money!
  • Effective: There’s a reason why personalised pens are the favourite marketing tools of so many advertisers! For every dollar spent on custom pens, a brand generates a cost per impression (CPI) of 1/10th of a cent per impression. People also tend to keep the promotional pens they receive for nine months, generating over 3000 impressions throughout their lifetime!

Decoration Options for Branded Promotional Pens

There are two branding options for promotional pens with logo printed brands or messaging: print or laser engraving. Printing is the best option for plastic pens and promo highlighters, while laser engraving suits metal pens the best.

Printing and laser engraving have two different benefits. Printing is a low-cost decoration option that allows you to explore complex and colourful designs. Meanwhile, laser-engraving on custom pens lasts a lifetime. Your ink will run out before your logo rubs off.

Curious to see what your logo looks like on promotional pens? Check out our Free No-Obligation Virtual Artwork Service!