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Where to Buy Stylus Pens for Touch Screens

If you’re looking for the best promotional stylus pens on the market, you’ve come to the right place! We have the widest collection and unbeatable stylus pen prices. Whatever style or colour of promotional pens with styluses you’re looking for, you can find it from our website. Need help with searching our stocks? With our Shop Faster & Smarter features, it’ll be easy for you to find the best stylus pens for your brand. Simply use our search box on top or adjust the filters on the left.

Promotional stylus pens are some of the most popular items due to our increasing dependence on our smartphones and tablets. The best thing about stylus pens is that they can be incorporated with other gadgets to make smartphone and tablet navigation and day-to-day life easier. Stylus pens can be incorporated with personalised pens, flash drives, highlighters, and flashlights. They can make for great gifts or giveaways for people from all walks of life, but especially professionals, entrepreneurs, and technology-addicted generations such as Millennials and Gen Z.

When you buy stylus pens from Brandconnect, be prepared to get the best online shopping experience. With our wide range of stylus pens and white-glove treatment from start to finish, you won’t want to shop anywhere else in the future. We also value-added services, including complimentary shipping, artwork design, samples, and more for members and non-members of our site!

Types of Stylus Pens

Metal Personalised Pens with Stylus: Our metal personalised pens with styluses are made of high-quality materials, such as aluminium and silver. They come in different styles to suit any recipients, from colourful ones for students and young professionals to sleek and classic for executives. They can both be promo giveaways for schools and universities or corporate gifts for clients, customers, and executives.

Plastic Personalised Pens with Stylus: If you’re looking for something more affordable and relatable, these plastic personalised pens with styluses are the best fit for you. They are also available in different styles to suit different recipients. They work best as giveaways for school and university students and professionals.

Novelty Stylus Pens: If you want to target a specific industry or group of people, novelty stylus pens are the way to go. Novelty stylus pens are cool types of styluses that are incorporated with other tools, such as screwdrivers, flashlights, rulers, and spirit levels. These are good giveaway ideas for people in the construction, automotive, and real estate industries.

Stylus Accessories: Some styluses are made as phone accessories. These are little phone trinkets that can easily be attached to phones so that the styluses can be accessed anytime. They make for great customer rewards or promo giveaways.

Stylus Pens with Flash Drives: These styluses with flash drives are not just great for navigating smartphones but also for storing files. They come with different storage capacities, ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB. Perfect giveaway for employees who are still working remotely and realtors who want to give prospective clients something to remember them by.

Stylus Pens with Highlighters: These stylus pens with highlighters will make any student’s life a lot easier. Not only can they use these to navigate their phones and tablets but they can also use the highlighters while studying.

Branding Options for Personalised Pens with Styluses

Promotional stylus pens come in a wide range of materials and branding options to fit whatever design or branding identity your company may have.

Pad printing: Pad printing is an affordable branding option for logos and designs with one to two colours. It is appropriate for items with jagged, uneven, and curved surfaces, making it ideal for stylus pens. White and light-coloured items can also match PMS colours.

Direct printing: Direct printing imprints the vivid and multi-colour logos and images straight on the items. It is the best branding option and has several unmatched benefits, including individual variable data, no-restriction colours and details, durability, and low order quantities. It dries instantly so the products can be shipped immediately after it dries.

Laser engraving: Laser engraving leaves a permanent mark on metal stylus pens. It has a high-perceived value, making it the perfect branding option for corporate gifts. It can produce variable data, including individual names and numbers.