Pad Print

Due to its affordability, pad printing is a popular decoration option for one or two colour logos. The method involves the use of a silicone pad to transfer ink onto a product. The pad printing machine holds both the product and the pad in place, then presses the pad into the ink and then onto the product. Designs can also be easily printed on uneven or curved products such as Drink Bottles, Cups and Stress Items.


  • Can print on products that have uneven, jagged, and even curved surfaces.
  • Metallic colours such as gold and silver are available.
  • Can closely match PMS colours on white and light-coloured products.


  • Only suitable for designs that have one to two colours.
  • Limited branding areas on curved surfaces.
  • Unable to print variable data.
  • PMS colour matches are difficult to produce on dark-coloured items and will only be approximate.
  • Prints can be slightly distorted on uneven or curved surfaces.
  • Pad printing inks take a longer period of time to cure.
  • Each colour printed on an item will incur a setup fee.
  • Small decoration area.

Artwork Format Required

Vector (EPS, Ai or PDF)