Best USB Promotional Products in Australia for Branding & Promo Giveaways

If you are looking to give away USB promotional products in Australia , you’re in luck! There are more to these custom printed USBs than meet the eye. Aside from storing large files and being able to bring anywhere, they also do wonders for a brand’s potential.

According to ASI research, personalised USBs influence consumers the most. Consumers of all genders also love receiving these, with 91% of them keeping these USB promotional products for a very long time due to its usefulness. To take advantage of these benefits, here are the best USB promotional products in Australia.

Credit Card Flash Drive on Custom Backing Card

The Credit Card Flash Drive on Custom Backing Card is small enough to fit wallets and the back pocket of your pants. It is capable of storing up to 4GB and will record and play HD and Full HD videos, ranging from 720p to 1080p/1080i. The custom backing card can be printed in any design you choose. When ordered in bulk, these are individually packed in a clear cello bag.

Silicone Watch Flash Drive

Technology is permeating every aspect of our lives, including fashion. Wearable technologies are gadgets worn as accessories or implants. What better way to flaunt technology than wearing it on your wrist? Having a watch to go with it. This Silicone Watch Flash Drive is available in a wide array of memory capacities, from 4 GB and up.

Gold Bar Flash Drive

For treasure hunters and pirates, this one’s for you. The Gold Bar Flash Drive is made of shiny metal to appease the receiver’s lust for treasure. It also has multiple storage capacities, from 4GB and up. These personalised USBs also has a spacious surface area to imprint your logo or message.

Laser Pointer Flash Drive Pen

These Laser Pointer Flash Drive Pens are perfect for Australia’s high-focused efficient professionals. These multifunctioning personalised USBs are also laser pointers and pens, making it an all-around tool for the office. It comes in various storage capacities, starting from 4 GB to up.

Eco Flash Drive

Australians are among the world’s top producers of waste, with almost 41 million tonnes generated each year. Give away these USB promotional products to help with Australia’s waste problems. Our Eco Flash Drive is made of biodegradable recycled paper. They are also available in different memory sizes.

If you want to give away useful swag that is as useful to the consumers as it is to your brand, check out Brandconnect’s collection of the best USB promotional products in Australia. If you want to know how your logo looks like on any of these products, click here to request for a free digital mock-up.