Plant Your Trees in the Brandconnect Forest

Now with every order worth $2500, Brandconnect will plant 25 trees on your behalf.

Brandconnect wants to make a difference, whether through the products we sell, the suppliers we work with, and how we treat our employees. Through your help, we now will be helping the environment by planting 25 trees with every order worth $2500.

Help the Brandconnect Forest grow with the Ecologi Tree Planting Programme

Brandconnect have signed up the Ecologi tree planting programme which uses the money donated to plant trees via the Eden Project

The Eden Project ensure their reforestation projects have a positive human impact as well as a positive environmental impact. They hire and train local people to plant new trees, they plant native species and their seedling survival rate is 80%.

Ecologi allows donations to be turned into trees and the results can be tracked. The trees planted become part of our Brandconnect Forest. You will be sent a link to see where your trees will be planted and over time can watch their progress.

Check Out Our Forest Here!

We plant trees with Ecologi

Our target is to plant 100,000 trees by 2025

  • Plant your trees in our forest and watch them grow.
  • Your trees will have your company name accredited to them.
  • Reduce carbon pollution in the atmosphere by up to 25 percent.
  • Help enrich wildlife and biodiversity, while reducing soil degradation, plagues, and water pollution
  • Create 18,000 more jobs in rural and developing countries.
  • Australia tree planting programme coming soon.
  • Help develop eco-friendlier technology advancements, such as wood plastics, wood-derived biofuels to replace fossil fuels, engineered wood products, and more.

Help us grow our forest by ordering your promotional products from Brandconnect.

The more you order, the more that you can make an impact on the community and environment. With your help, we can help build a better future for the world. Order $2500 worth of promotional products to get 25 trees planted under your name. To check on our forest and progress click here Brandconnect Forest

Every promotion can make an impact