Innovative Promotional Products to Help Your Business Stand Out

Sometimes, distributing promotional products is not enough. Yes, promotional products can do a lot to improve your brand’s relationship with its stakeholders and image to the consumers. However, you can’t just dole out products and expect people to take notice of you. While people appreciate free stuff, you have to make sure that you give away innovative promotional products to catch their attention.

Kick Your Marketing Up a Notch With Our Innovative Promotional Products

If you want to reap all the benefits of promotional product marketing while making an impact, here are five innovative promotional products to get your brand noticed.

Swiss Peak 4-in-1 Speaker

The Swiss Peak 4-in-1 Speaker is a powerful 3W Bluetooth speaker that can blast music for 18 hours with its 4500mAh rechargeable battery. Due to its capacity, it is perfect for hunting, boating, camping, and outdoor events where electrical outlets to charge in are scarce. Once your phone has run out of juice from playing music, you can also use the Swiss Peak 4-in-1 Speaker to charge your electronic gadgets.

Made to withstand the harsh elements of weather, this Bluetooth speaker is resistant against rain and dust. It is also equipped with a bright 250-lumen LED lantern and four-function flashlight to illuminate your way during the cold, dark night outside.

Electronic Jump Rope

A jump rope is a good way to keep the heart pumping and the body fit. It’s all about reps with this exercise, and it can be hard to keep track of them. With this Electronic Jump Rope, it wouldn’t be a problem. It has a counter that shows you the number of rotations and calories burned.

DIY Stylus Pen Plus

Because having one purpose for a promotional product is no longer enough, this DIY Stylus Pen Plus can serve nine functions in one package. It features a pen, four types of rulers, and a stylus point for your office needs, while the phillips and flat edge screwdriver and spirit level can be used for handyman projects.

Sun Solo Solar Charger

The sun is powerful. Now, it can be powerful enough to charge your phones and tablets through this Sun Solo Solar Charger. This window charger has a 2500mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can be attached to any window with its powerful suction cup to recharge.

3-in-1 Skeleton Key Tag

This key-shaped key tag may look like it’s just a mechanism to hold your keys together, but it’s way more than that. One end shines a bright LED light to help you find your way in the dark, while the other end has a soft stylus point for your phone. This 3-in-1 Skeleton Key Tag also serves as a handy phone stand.

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Take your marketing strategy up a notch with these unique and innovative promotional products. If you have any question regarding the products above or want to find more ideas for creative promotional products, get in touch with us through email, or call 02 8072 3350.