5 Eye-Catching Promotional Golf Products and Accessories

Golf tournaments present a great opportunity for brands to maximize their visibility. Whether they’re for fundraising, networking or competition, there are plenty of ways that companies can advertise their logo and messaging. The best way is to distribute promotional products that are both relevant to the event. Here are the best promotional golf products and accessories you can stamp your logo on to make an impact on the game and the attendees.

Golf Genie

Golf Genie is a nifty multi-purpose stainless steel golf tool that contains everything you’ll ever need for behind-the-scenes maintenance and upkeep. It has a club head cleaning brush to maintain your beloved club’s blinding sheen, divot repairer to flatten the grass, and a ball marker. It also comes with a spike tightener for your golf shoes and a knife for various purposes. Due to its usefulness and durability, your logo is guaranteed to generate exposure for years to come.

Deluxe 30" Auto Golf Umbrella

Umbrellas are one of the most ubiquitous objects in the golf course. This massive Deluxe 30-inch Auto Golf Umbrella boasts of an 8-panel huge canopy that will ensure that your logo will be seen from miles away. It also has an automatic open function and vented canopy to revert it to its original form easily after being blown over by the wind.

Golf Ball Drink Bottle

Although it may not look like it, golf is just as strenuous and dehydrating just like any other sport. Increase the likelihood of people doing business with your brand by giving away these useful promotional golf products and accessories, the Golf Ball Drink Bottles. These drink bottles have a 750-ml capacity. It has an insulated bag to keep water cold or your tea hot. Its cap has a golf ball holder atop the lip so that one can easily find a ball whenever, wherever. It also has tee holders on the bag for fast and easy set-up after taking a swig of water. What’s better is that it comes with the ball and tees as well. It’s like hitting several birds with one stone!

Golf Towel With Hook

Golf towels like this Golf Towel With Hook are promotional golf products and accessories that can be used for other sports activities and purposes. This product, in particular, can also serve as part of an outfit due to the hook that you can attach to your belt loop or bag strap. You can also use it during other fitness activities. Since it is made to be seen and not put in the pocket, your logo will get the exposure that it deserves.

PGF Optima Golf Ball

The main stars of any golf tournament, golf balls usually command more attention as much as, if not even more than the players themselves. Imagine if your logo is stamped on golf balls, it will be hard to miss seeing your brand in action. Get the PGF Optima Golf Ball, which is made by one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

Buy these promotional golf products and accessories for soaring brand recognition and recall

18-hole golf tournaments usually take 5 hours, so branding your logo on these promotional golf products and accessories will sure sear your brand into the minds of the attendees. For other giveaway ideas, check out our promotional golf products and accessories page. If you are unsure about your marketing or distribution strategy or you have questions about any of our products, contact us by phone at 02 8072 3350 (8:30am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday).