The Importance of Promotional Calendars in this Digital World

Promotional calendars are the last thing you’ll think that could give your brand the optimal exposure and recall that it needs. Despite the world growing more and more digital, promotional desk and wall calendars are still essential for everyone. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t have one on their office desk, home, or both.

You’ll be surprised that promotional calendars are reported to be great marketing tools, according to the latest Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study by ASI. The reason is 76% of the people who own promotional calendars have them displayed prominently in their homes and offices.

Since 2018 is about to end, now is the perfect time to think of your marketing strategy for the following year and an even better time to order promotional calendars. Here are the 5 benefits of promotional calendars to further convince you.

Promotional calendars offer long-lasting marketing benefits

On average, promotional calendars are kept for the whole year. This means that people will be constantly exposed to your brand whether they like it or not. Branded promotional calendars have a way of ingraining your logo or brand on the people’s minds especially with constant exposure, making it the first thing that people remember when thinking of products or services related to your brand.

Older consumers are more likely to own promotional calendars

People from the older generation (ages 55 years old and up) may be able to adapt to new technology but they tend to stick to the basics. After all, once smartphones lose their juice, how will they be able to check their special dates? Promotional calendars are reliable and low-maintenance, just sitting on wherever they are placed to be used when they are needed.

Promotional calendars can easily be integrated with other items

For people who choose to be minimalists, multi-functional promotional calendars are appreciated as they serve multiple purposes and in turn, reduce clutter. Here in Brandconnect, we have calendar mouse mats, calendar and sticky note case, and promotional pens with calendars. Want to integrate calendars with other promo items? Whether you choose to put a calendar on planners, mugs, umbrellas or any other item, we can create them for you. Just fill up our order form to get started.

Women are more drawn to promotional calendars

Source: ASI Global Impressions Study 2016

For businesses whose primary customers and targets are women, promotional calendars are great items to draw them in. You can use them as giveaways to incentivise them to sign up or participate in your promotions. They can also serve as rewards for loyal customers.

Promotional calendars are cost-efficient

Promotional calendars are one of the cheapest promotional items. In fact, you can order them for as low as $0.46 per piece. Their cheap price is nothing to laugh about though as promotional calendars are effective in doing its job. It can generate thousands of impressions thanks to their longevity.

Promotional calendars are effective marketing tools for brands that have limited marketing budgets. If you want to get your brand out there at a nominal price, choose promotional calendars. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable brand guardians if you want to order promotional calendars via phone at 02 8072 3350 or email at