6 Rush Promo Items Guaranteed to be Delivered on Time!

The best thing about Christmas shopping is the low bargains and deals you’ll find. The bad news is that shipping can be delayed due to the high volume of purchases.

If you’ve left your Christmas corporate gifts & promo items shopping too late, don’t worry! You can still get our orders in time with our Express Turnaround Promo Items! These items can be printed and delivered within seven days of artwork approval. Here are the best finds from our collection of good quality rush promotional items.

Express Keychains

Perfect for: Shopping freebies, party and contest giveaways, trade show and conference giveaways, and corporate gifts

Keychains are a cost-effective item to get your brand out there without spending a lot. They are the best promotional tools for you if your company has a limited budget.

Our keychains are customisable to reflect your branding. Our metal keyrings come in a wide variety of shapes to suit the industry you’re in. We have the Maserati and Rotella for the automotive industry and the Casa for real estate developers and agents and property managers. You can also choose multi-purpose keychains such as the Belmont, which also serves as a bottle opener.

Express Office Supplies & Notebooks

Perfect for: Office use, corporate gifts, new hire welcome gifts, and trade show and conference giveaways

People of all ages use branded office supplies and notebooks, which makes them great for both your company use and gifts to clients, customers, and staff. Why go for branded office supplies instead of generic ones? Even though the latter is easier to find in stores, having your own custom-printed office supplies guarantee branding benefits. They improve:

  • Brand recall: Exposing people (both your staff and the people they interact with) to your logo for long periods repeatedly makes them highly likely to remember your brand and do business with you. Branded merchandise is also kept for an average of one year so your brand is guaranteed to generate exposure for that long.
  • Brand reception: Promotional items improve people’s perception of your brand, especially when they are useful, such as office supplies. PPAI reports that 82% form a better opinion of the brand when given promotional items.
  • Brand reach: It is not only the recipients of the products that get exposed to your brand but also the people around them. With frequent use of your promo items, your logo will reach everyone that will come into contact with the user. With the case of the office supplies, you can generate plenty of exposure if the items are used at banks, stores, and any brick-and-mortar business.

Small tokens such as our Swing USB sticks and Budget Mouse Mats go a long way in promoting your brand at events, parties, trade shows, and conferences. Meanwhile, Oslo Notebooks and Calgary A5 Notebooks are perfect as executive gifts.

Rush Drink Bottles and Mugs

Perfect for: Promotion giveaways (especially for gyms and fitness brands), corporate gifts, fundraising products, employee rewards, and charity run merchandise

As one of the most popular promotional products, drink bottles and mugs are the best promotional tool you can print your logo on. Everyone needs to drink, therefore, you’ll be guaranteed that you’ll have plenty of logo exposure with these items. Just to give you an idea of how wide a net it casts for your exposure, a $7 drink bottle has a CPI of half a cent per impression! They are more effective at raising brand visibility than any advertising medium!

You can order the Flinders Drinking Bottles for your Christmas charity fun runs or walkathons. Outdoor brands can promote their brands using metal drink bottles, such as the Teaneck and Quincy.

Express Promotional Pens

Perfect for: office use (particularly for service-based industry, such as finance, real estate, and doctor’s offices), promo giveaways, and conference and trade show giveaways.

You would be hard-pressed to find a business without their own branded promotional pens — that’s how popular they are. And there’s a reason why they’re popular. Promotional pens are inexpensive necessities that can be used by everyone wherever they go. Still not convinced? Here are their stats from the latest Global Ad Impressions Study from ASI.

We’ve got a wide range of promotional pens in our collection. We have inexpensive plastic pens for promo giveaways, such as the Translucent Mykonos and metal pens for corporate gifts such as the Savaii. For eco-conscious brands, we have pens made from recycled paper, such as the Fiji Paper Tube Pen & Pencil Set and Madeira Pen.

Rush Promotional Conference Items

Sometimes, you get all caught up in planning your conference or trade show participation that you forget to order your giveaways on time. It happens! If your next conference or trade show is coming up, order our express conference giveaways. You’ll find everything you’ll need for your branded conference items, from tote bags to compendiums.

Express Custom-Printed Bags

Perfect for: shopping bags, conferences, promo giveaways, new hire kit, and fundraising items.

Christmas is the season for shopping. Since you’ll get more shoppers this season, you’ll need to buy more tote bags to accommodate the influx of purchases. If you keep running out of tote bag stocks, you can easily replenish it in as fast as seven days when you order from Brandconnect. You can also order backpacks for your promotional campaigns and gifts.

Get your promo items on time when you order our Express Turnaround Promo Items!

You don’t have to worry about getting your orders getting stuck in the holiday’s shipping bottleneck. Order the Express Turnaround Promotional Products if you want to get your orders in as fast as seven days! Check out the whole range here. You can also reach out to us through phone and email for custom product recommendations and inquiries.