4 Tips for Successful Construction & Real Estate Events

Real estate and construction are some of the industries that have been smoothly riding the waves of disruption and challenges in this pandemic. Now’s the perfect time for businesses and professionals to take advantage of the boom.

Networking and events play a huge role for any real estate and construction business. Thankfully, the restrictions have eased up to allow small networking gatherings and expos. However, events are just a different ballgame now during the pandemic. Attracting attendees and engagements is more difficult now and you have to take extra steps to ensure a successful event. Here are 4 secrets to increasing engagement and attendance for construction and real estate events.

1. Integrate video into your live events

There are several benefits to integrating live-streaming into your live physical events. First, not everyone can attend your event, whether due to the limitations in the allowed number of attendees or travel. Video can allow you to reach a wider audience. Second, live-streaming makes it easier for people to share and discuss your event on social media, therefore, giving you more mileage online.

Finally, the pandemic keeps changing up restrictions, so it would be best to have a video backup in case face-to-face events are restricted again.

2. Allow your attendees to have access to the speakers

What makes an event special for the attendees is by initiating a connection between the attendees and speakers. Attendees are bound to have questions after the panel, so it’s a good idea to allow them to interact with the speakers. It tailors the attendees’ experience according to their needs. Make sure to include Q&A sessions and post-event group chat with the attendees and speakers.

3. Give people something to look forward to

Real estate and construction industry veterans have probably attended countless events like yours, so what makes your event special? Aside from the valuable takeaways (that they can probably get through other means), what will make them want to attend? Intrigue and mystery are the answers! Give them something to look forward to, like announcing a mystery speaker in the lead-up to the event, contests where they can win valuable prizes like a consultation or coaching from an influential industry leader, or amazing promo giveaways.

Examples of amazing promo giveaways that attendees will love

4. Promotion is key to ensure a well-attended & successful event

Promoting your event across several media will ensure that half the battle is already won. Make sure to post about the event extensively in all your online channels, including social media, email lists, blogs, and Google event listings. Partner up with relevant influencers & industry publications in your field to promote it. It also helps for the speakers to promote the event to engage and extend your event’s reach to their followers.

Giving away promo merchandise before the event is also not a bad idea. Make sure to choose high-visibility promo items to ensure maximum exposure.

High-visibility branded items for event promotions

Get ready for a good event turnout with these Four Restriction-Proof Construction & Real Estate Event Planning Secrets!

The keys to planning a good event during this pandemic are being adaptable to change and taking advantage of the many available promotional tools & event technologies at hand! If you have an upcoming event, let us help you with the promotion and branding! Book a free consultation with our Account Managers through this link.