Corporate Christmas Gifts for Clients

Towards the end of the year, many things go on in our minds all at once. Along with the festive surroundings, we think of having a long holiday, being with our loved ones more, temporarily halting work but making sure our job is done, and taking into consideration our valued clients and business partners are well taken care of.

Our clients are the ones that make our company flourish, and beginning as well as sustaining a healthy relationship with them will mean more productive transactions and a more intensive clientele base. Making them happy is our utmost concern, and what will make them happier than being remembered during special occasions like Christmas? Christmas is undoubtedly the happiest time of the year as we remember each other and give presents that truly come from our hearts. Handing out a token to our clients represents a desire to improve our existing connection in hopes of acquiring their trust and loyalty, and optimistically, increase our following as word-of-mouth goes around. With this in mind, Christmas corporate gifts are the way to go to express sincerity and appreciation during this joyful season.

Best Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

Starting off with what to give may seem a little daunting at first, but sitting down and thinking a little would help. After you have set your budget, go into details. What is your client’s hobby? What is his/her favourite colour? Is he or she into sports? Does he/she cook when time allows? These small but simple questions will lead you to decide. The list below is a suggestion of 7 indicative corporate gift ideas to help you get started. Who knows? You may be able to come up with more creative concepts after you read this article!


Are a popular gift that the receiver can share with the family or staff. Customising the contents depending on your budget is an exciting task as you include various edibles and drinks as well! Chocolates, biscuits, lollies, spreads, nuts, cheese…the list is endless.


Speaking of chocolates, what would look and taste equally good but custom-designed or custom-moulded chocolates? This choice of gift will be as personal as it can get, and your client will love you for it.

Scented Candles

A small collection of single or multi-scented candles will definitely bring back soothing memories once the aroma fills the room. Feelings of relaxation, excitement, and good memories will absolutely get your client ready for Christmas!

Spa Gift Basket

Taking the feeling-good vibe a notch higher, why not present your client with a mini-spa gift basket or a shaving/grooming kit? This may be readily purchased or you can customize your own by personally wrapping choice items in lovable tulle fabric? Finish it off with a ribbon printed with your client’s names and he/she surely can’t wait to be home and have a special spa or grooming day!

Summer Pack

Getting out and enjoying the sun is the next best thing to celebrating Christmas! Why not get a plastic bucket or a colourful non-woven bag and fill it up with a Frisbee, beach ball, water bottle, sport towel, and maybe a couple anti-stress items? It’s the season to have fun! Have the items labeled with client’s name or company logo, and you will always be remembered by this thoughtful gesture.

Barbecue or grilling set

One of the most well-received Christmas gifts. With a wide variety to select from that will suit your budget, there will certainly be one that will suit your client’s taste. Place engraving or printing where possible, and you’ve got a personalized gift ready to hand out.

Wine and chiller set

Now this gift will always be welcome. Consumed alone or with friends and family, a carefully-chosen wine and chiller set will complete the celebration. Personalised branding on the wine and engraving on the chiller will make the present more exceptional.

Corporate gift ideas may take some brainstorming and budget-planning, but the long term results will always be worth it. Preparing for this months ahead will undeniably get you ahead of the game, and winning your client’s hearts and confidence will be more than enough reward that will pay off in the long run.

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