5 Successful Fundraising Ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is a dreaded illness that is estimated to affect more than 13,000 people this year. It is also the fourth leading cause of cancer death in Australia and the second cause of death from cancer for women. Our mums, aunts, grandmums, friends, colleagues, cousins, sisters, and daughters have a high risk of contracting this disease.

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019, let’s do our part in joining the cause and raising funds for its prevention, diagnosis, research, treatment, and awareness. If your brand or not-for-profit organisation wants to get involved, here are 5 Successful Fundraising Ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019.

Charity walkathons

Charity walkathons are a great way to engage everyone through exercise. They also do a lot of things for the cause. One, people can show their support for their loved ones who are affected by the disease by joining. Two, these walkathons raise breast cancer awareness, thanks to its wide reach. Lastly, they can generate a lot of revenue by selling branded merchandise, pledges, and sponsorships.

Recommended promotional products for walkathons:

(l-r): Sports T-shirts, Sports Bottles, and Baseball Caps

Hair donation drives

Breast cancer treatment causes patients to lose most or all of their hair. It is a small loss in exchange for recovery but it is still heartbreaking for women since hair is considered to be their crowning glory. Help them recover their confidence and strength and make them look and feel a bit better by holding a hair donation drive. Not only will you be empowering the patients since people will be getting their hair cut or shaved in solidarity, but the donated shorn hair will be created into wigs, which the patients can wear.

Hair donation drives ramp up awareness as this involves reaching out to people in the community to participate. They can also raise money through partnerships with salons and hair stylists, where the organisation can share the proceeds with them or ask for donations from the hair donors.

Recommended promotional products for hair donation drives

(l-r): Hairbrush, Mirror, and Embroidered Polo Shirts

Restaurant partnerships

The average Australian typically spends $80 a week on restaurants, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. If they can spend this much eating out, then certainly they wouldn’t think twice about donating to your cause. Restaurant partnerships involve a not-for-profit organisation and a major restaurant chain or local establishment partnering up to host a night dedicated to the cause. Ten to 20 percent of the sales will be donated to the cause. It is the organisation’s responsibility to promote the event and the restaurant.

Recommended promotional products for restaurant partnerships

(l-r): Branded Glassware, Reusable Straws, Coasters, and Reusable Bags

Product fundraising

What’s a more straightforward way to raise funds than sell branded merchandise? Promotional products provide more value than its worth since they provide long-term awareness about breast cancer and your brand or not-for-profit organisation. You can sell these items to coincide with any of the events here in this blog or you can sell it door to door or through your website.

Recommended promotional products for product fundraisers

(l-r): T-shirts, Plush Toys, Metal Water Bottles, Lapel Pins, Tote Bags, and
Lip Balms

Pink galas

Pink galas are just like any other galas instead everything’s pink from the decorations and food to everyone’s party outfits. These gatherings are meant to celebrate breast cancer warriors and raise funds for research and treatment and awareness. You can raise funds by charging an admission fee and asking for donations.

Recommended promotional products for pink galas

(l-r): Wine Glasses, Coasters, and Party Decors

Time to start planning your Breast Cancer Awareness Month fundraiser!

Executing these fundraising ideas is easier when you have a partner to help you. Here in Brandconnect, we provide no-obligation, free marketing consultations to help you with your promotional product plans for your fundraisers. You can contact us through email and phone or fill up this enquiry form.

Spreading awareness about breast cancer and supporting the cause should not be limited to just one month alone. If you want to donate to the cause, you can contact The McGrath Foundation and other local charity organizations.