Best Event & Promotional Giveaways for Not-for-Profit Fundraisers

Fundraising events are popular ways to raise money and awareness for not-for-profit organisations. In fact, 82% of not-for-profits are reported to host these events to secure funding and raise awareness for the organisation and its causes, according to the Nonprofit Research Collaborative. Fundraising events are a crucial part of a not-for-profit organisation’s success.

With so many fundraising event options, it can be hard to choose which one is perfect for your purpose and organisation. Lucky for you, we have rounded up the most popular and effective fundraising events and promotional products.

Best Fundraising Events & Promotional Products

Fun Runs

As the most popular fundraising event category , fun runs/walks are the easiest events to plan, according to a 2015 study by Software Advice. It generates moderate to high revenues for not-for-profits of all sizes.

Mid-size and large organisations (with an annual operating budget of $6 million and more) benefit the most from fun runs. Smaller not-for-profits may encounter more difficulties with organising this particular fundraising event and with minimal returns. However, fun runs are still a viable option for them due to how affordable it is to plan one.


Marathons such as walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, hike-a-thons, and bowl-a-thons have the lowest Cost Per Dollar Raised (CPDR) . It means that they generate the highest return per dollar spent. Thus, making marathons the best fundraising event for small not-for-profits to get the most out of their money.

Marathons are great for generating the following for not-for-profit organisations:

  • Awareness for causes and mission
  • Funds
  • Community support

Promotional Products for Fun Runs & Marathons


Table Covers

Drink Bottles

Talent Competitions

Non-sporting competitions such as singing, dancing, and eating contests can ignite a sense of competition amongst the community. If your organisation wants to raise funds the easy way , these competitions are the best event to do it since you can either charge the public to vote (through text or online voting) or when joining the competition itself.

They are moderately easy to plan for not-for-profit organisations of all sizes . They also have a low CPDR, incurring low costs yet generating high returns for not-for-profits that choose to organise them.

Promotional Products for Talent Competitions

Buntings & Event Decor

Custom Lanyards


Another great fundraising activity is auctions and silent auctions. Aside from getting the donors and supporters to give money to your organisation without asking for donations, auctions also establish a social atmosphere where the not-for-profit staff and attendees can discuss and bond over the auctioned items or services and raise awareness on the issues the organisation is promoting.

Auctions are best suited for small to mid-sized not-for-profits since they have the easiest time planning it and get the highest ROI from it.

Promotional Products for Auctions

Staff Uniform

Hand Paddles

Art exhibits

Art exhibits rally the support of the creative community. It gives artists a platform to display their artworks to support your organisation’s cause. Art exhibits can earn in several ways:

  • Through artist participation fees: Art exhibits can go a long way in promoting up-and-coming artists.
  • Through artwork sales: You could invite established artists to showcase and sell their artworks on the exhibit with a proceed of the sales going to your cause.

Promotional Products for Art Exhibits

Business Cards

Executive Pens


Benefit concerts are expensive to plan and execute, demanding large upfront costs and experienced staff. They are best left to large not-for-profit organisations (operating budgets of over $50 million) to pull off. Although they are big money-suckers, concerts more than make up for it in the publicity and revenues that they generate.

Benefit concerts do not always need a big headliner. You can recruit locally famous musicians if you don’t have the budget for mainstream music acts. They can also assist with the promotion of the event since they can post it on their social media pages. In addition, their solid fan base can be expected to augment ticket sales.

Promotional Products for Concerts

LED Wristbands



Not-for-profit galas are formal fundraising gatherings that typically involve dinner, dancing, entertainment, and a silent auction/raffle to benefit an organisation or a cause. There are several ways to generate revenues from galas:

  • Ticket sales
  • Sponsorships
  • Corporate tables
  • Raffle tickets
  • Silent auction sales

It is expensive to organise as it requires a lot of food and beverage manpower, venue rental, and marketing. Other costs to consider are the security, parking, transportation, and hotel fees for the VIP guests. Not-for-profit galas are best suited for large not-for-profit organisations.

Promotional Products for Galas

F&B Staff Uniform



Sporting Events

Sporting events are usually organised in coordination with sports teams. Not-for-profits usually handle the promotion of the food concession stands that serve typical sporting events fare such as Sausage Sizzles, Fairy Floss, Ice Cream, Fizzy Drinks, and Hot Chips. The not-for-profits earn by getting a proceed of the sales while also raising awareness for their cause.

Sporting events are not much different from galas when it comes to their average CPDR. They don’t usually generate high returns. They are also hard to organise for organisations of all sizes.

Promotional Products for Sporting Events

Supporters Flags

Stadium Cups

Stubby Holders

Reach Your Organisation’s Fundraising Goals with Promotional Products

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