The Best Promotional Products for Men vs Women

Promotional products work great for everyone, regardless of gender. However, the differences between the male and female mind mean that they prefer one product more than the other. It also means that there are differences in their buying preferences, behaviour, and perspectives.

As with all marketing strategies, they should be created with the target’s psyche in mind, in order to lure them in and influence their buying behaviour. Since promotional products are part of a marketing tactic, the target’s buying behavior should also be considered to lure them in. Here is a consumer snapshot of each gender’s buying psyche.

Men’s Shopping Behaviours

Men tend to be more utilitarian in their shopping. They have a goal they need to check off when shopping.

Marketing also has to appeal to men’s logic. They have to know what good a product or a service will do for their lives.

Men want a fast and simple process. Men have no care for browsing and looking around. They just want brevity and conciseness.

Conclusion: Men prefer promotional products that they can use in their day-to-day lives. They also dislike frills and complexities, which apply to both the products and its distribution process.

Top Promotional Products for Men

Promotional Outerwear

Men like promotional products that can serve to be useful day in, day out. Branded outerwear can do just that despite the weather.

Explorer Microfleece Jacket

Promotional USB drives

Since they are used every day at work or at home, promotional USB drives are one of men’s favorite promo items.

Swivel USB Flash Drive

Promotional desk/office accessories

As a testament to their preference for usefulness, they have taken a liking to all types of desk accessories since they are useful at work. Branded desk and office products such as calendars, rulers, bookmarks, mouse pads, and notepads are a hit with males.

Other promotional products for men:

Women’s Shopping Behaviors

Women are explorers. They like to discover new things when shopping. Even if they already have a shopping list, they are willing to change it up if they see something they like more.
Women are hedonistic when it comes to shopping. They tend to shop to fulfill emotional desires. They also want to experience emotions from the brand.
Women are hunters. They like finding a bargain or a unique item. In order to do so, they browse and look through similar products or sometimes a completely different category of item altogether.

Conclusion: Women value the experience as much as the promotional product. They value products that they can take with them to discover and experience things.

Promotional products for women

Promotional bags

Promotional bags are well-loved among women as they use it for shopping. They also help them carry their items every day, whether they are going to the office, gym, trips, or just for a casual day out.

100% Cotton Tote Bag

Promotional umbrellas

Getting drenched in the rain is an awful experience for everyone. Women would do anything to avoid it by making sure to bring umbrellas at all times. Therefore, if you give them promotional umbrellas, they will always be used.

5 Folding Umbrella

Promotional pens

Promotional pens can be used wherever. Not only are they useful, but they are also symbolic of several important life decisions. Pens are used for signing personal and business contracts, writing down numbers, jotting down thoughts in journals and more. They are a reliable partner in several life stages of a woman.

Taurus Ballpoint Pen

Other promotional products for men:

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