The Secrets to Effective Promo Marketing for Remote Workers

The working class has always been the largest and most powerful purchasing power out of all demographics. Since the pandemic has transformed everything overnight, there are drastic changes in the way they live, eat, and purchasing decisions. This means businesses should change the way they market to them in order to gain and retain their interests. In order to do that, you need to learn the behaviours and habits of the new breed of our working class.

Remote workers want to feel comfortable at home

It used to be that many remote workers are constant travelers and live out of their suitcases. However, since the pandemic has restricted travel, they have been kept in their homes. Hence, these remote workers have been keeping themselves busy at home and keeping themselves comfortable. In fact, this behaviour has been evident in recent remote working trends, such as the renewed interest in gardening, increase in ordering food deliveries, working out at home, and the popularity of loungewear.

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Remote workers prefer online shopping

With the rising number of COVID-19 cases, most employees are still working from home and reluctant to go out to shop. They prefer any purchases to be done online, which is why it is beneficial for your business to add eCommerce capabilities to your website. Beef up your infrastructure in order to give your customers better online shopping experience. If you’re also planning an upcoming promo campaign, tie it up with your eCommerce store.

Digital gifts go a long way for remote workers

Promo item giveaways are not quite the same anymore. It used to be that brands can gain plenty of advertising mileage with branded merchandise. However, in this climate, giving tangible promo giveaways is more a headache for businesses to organise and implement. There’s now the added work of planning distribution and logistics to your targets in their homes. And people are not exactly enthusiastic about receiving random packages at home either. If you have to give away promo items, present it as a freebie or bundle it with items that they’ve ordered from you to minimise shipping costs. Or you could just give them digital gift cards, discount codes, book and video downloads, and more.

Stand out to remote workers with these work-from-home-friendly promo marketing tips!

Build a stronger brand even if most people are staying cooped up at home with these promo marketing tips. Need help with an upcoming promo campaign? Tell us about your needs through this link and you can get a custom recommendation from our Account Manag"ers.