Promotional Marketing Tips to Help Real Estate Agents Thrive in the New Normal

The golden age of real estate is upon us. The real estate market has been growing steadily in the past couple of months. Since the start of the year, capital cities (with the exception of Sydney and Melbourne) and regional areas have recorded a rise in prices. Things are only about to get better from here on out as the government’s latest approved budget will provide additional infrastructure investment and scheme that benefits first-time homeowners.

As a real estate agent or company in the construction industry, what can you do to take advantage of these opportunities? Here are promotional marketing tips that can expand your reach, gain industry authority, and generate more income.

1. Private showings

Most real estate agents have been conducting virtual opens for health and safety reasons. However, it’s hard to connect on a deeper personal level with online communications. How do you establish rapport with your potential buyers? Simple, by giving promotional giveaways so that they’ll have something to remember you by.

For some, private openings still work best at the expense of additional sessions throughout the week with fewer people around. These inspections can be done just like before but with extra precautions to keep everyone safe. Some realtors have also taken to allowing potential buyers to tour the properties by themselves and utilising FaceTime or video chat for communication. Equipping the house with strategically placed sanitisers, maintaining social distancing, and minimising physical contact (handshaking and contract signing) are very important in both cases. Doing so does not only protect everyone involved but also shows your care for staff and clients.

2. Negotiations and Thank You Gifts

Sometimes, there’s still no better way than to do your negotiations the old-fashioned way — pick up the phone and use your voice. Although there are online apps that facilitate easier and more efficient negotiations and auctions, talking can still get the job done. Whatever the final price is, show your appreciation for your client by sending them a gift.

3. Marketing

Digital is a driving force in getting your name and your properties out there. Make sure to beef up your social media, website, newsletter, and listings. Demonstrate yourself as an authority in the industry by creating valuable content, such as ebooks, webinars, commentaries, and blogs, to stand out from the competition. Lastly, promotional products are the new calling cards these days. The easiest way for people to remember you is through giving them a branded item, printed with your contact details on it, that they’ll use frequently.

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