Ways Promotional Merchandise Boost Your Digital Campaigns

Contrary to popular belief, promotional merchandise can be used for all types of promotional campaigns, even remote and online ones. It is not just brick-and-mortar businesses that benefit from promotional products. There are plenty of ways to use it for your digital marketing campaigns for your social media and websites to drive up your online presence, awareness, and engagement.

Successful Online Promotional Merchandise Campaigns

The Boring Company flamethrowers and caps

Founded by Elon Musk, The Boring Company is an infrastructure and tunnel construction company that aims to solve Los Angeles traffic and the current 2D transportation limitations. In order to raise funds for their projects and boring machines, it sold co-branded promotional merchandise, such as flamethrowers, caps, and fire extinguishers, which Elon Musk promoted on Twitter. To date, they have earned $1 million from selling 50,000 caps and $10 million from selling 20,000 flamethrowers. Sellers have also started reselling the latter on eBay for as much as $2,000 to $20,000 a pop.

Tony Hawk’s Twitter Hunt

The professional skateboarding superstar, Tony Hawk, used to hold an annual online promotional product campaign called the Twitter Hunt from 2009 to 2015, which immensely drove up his followers. This scavenger hunt campaign involves more than 80 boxes of branded items, such as promotional drinkware, custom-printed caps, and logo-imprinted specialty sports items, hidden in major cities all over the world. Hawk then tweets out clues about the location of the goodies and the scavenger participants are required to tweet back if they found a box.

How to Dominate the Digital Space with Promotional Merchandise

Your logo should be prominently featured in your promotional merchandise

Featuring your logo on promotional merchandise is the basic rule for promotional product marketing. Your branding should be consistent with what you use on your website. This makes your business easily recognizable to your audience. Remember to include your website and phone number/email address on your merchandise as well.

Advertise your promotional merchandise heavily on your online spaces

Since the world wide web is vast, people would have no way of knowing about your promotional merchandise unless you announce it on your website or social media pages. In order to compel them to take action either by signing up to your website or following your social media pages, give the promotional merchandise as freebies in exchange for the sign-up or following and sharing your page.

Incorporate promotional merchandise into your website promotions

Traditionally, promotional merchandise is given away in person during events or in brick-and-mortar stores. But what if your business is web-based and hardly has face-to-face interaction with your customers?

Promotional products can be used to increase website traffic and social media followers, improve customer engagement, and generate leads and sales. Here are the tips you could use to achieve your goals:

  • Generate leads: Entice people to sign up for your email newsletters or survey by rewarding them with promotional merchandise.
  • Increase sales: Give promotional merchandise as freebies when they meet a minimum purchase amount or upgrade a service.
  • Improve web traffic: When participating in trade shows or other events, make sure that your website is prominently displayed on the promotional merchandise. If you want to measure the ROI on these items, create a special landing page. You will also be able to track the overall demographics, geography, and other segments of your audience and use this information to guide you in creating specific promotions.
  • Increase social media followers: You can hold contests on your social media page and reward them with promotional merchandise.

Truly, promotional merchandise knows no boundaries. It is a timeless advertising method that works just as well for online promotions as any other marketing initiatives. If you are ready to transform your brand, you can browse through our high-quality yet affordable collection of promotional merchandise on https://www.brandconnect.com.au. You can also contact us at 08 9328 6400 or sales@brandconnect.com.au for inquiries.