Why Promotional Products Should be Targeting Millennials

If you are still not targeting your promotional products for millennials, then you are missing out on a lot.

We all know millennial consumers wield the strongest buying power. Born between 1981 and 1996, they have reached their prime spending years, and are now starting to make crucial purchases that will influence their lives years from now. They are shaping the landscape of consumerism so much that marketers consider them the biggest drivers of change in the marketplace in the last 100 years. However, the millennial consumers are a different species from other generations when it comes to advertising reception. So how do they perceive promotional product trends for millennials? We break it down for you with the help of PPAI data.

5 reasons why targeting promo items for millennials is the best way to lure them in.

Promotional products are the most effective advertising medium for millennials

For millennials, promotional products work better than traditional advertisements that appear in broadcast, online, print, or mobile. Promotional items are also more affordable, making it a cost-effective strategy that delivers more bang for the buck.

Promotional products have a high reach to millennials

Who doesn’t love receiving free stuff? Millennials most especially do. According to a PPAI study, all of the millennials surveyed have accepted at least a promotional product within their lifetime and a third of them reported to have hoarded at least three to five promotional items in the past six months. Two in three millennials are then said to use, wear, or carry these products daily. If you want to capture the lion’s share of this consumer group, you just have to give promotional products to lure millennials.

Promotional products generate more exposure than traditional advertising methods.

With frequent use in public, these promotional products are likely to spill their reach over everyone they’ll ever come across with every day. The recipients are also more likely to do business with the brand the more that they are exposed to a promotional product due to a marketing effect called effective frequency.

Unwanted promo items still generate exposure for the brand as the millennial age group is the likeliest to give away the promotional products after use. Eight out of 10 millennials shared that they pass on the branded merchandise to family or friends, while one in three donates the said merchandise.

Promotional products have a longer recall period for millennials

A millennial’s attention span is even shorter than a goldfish’s, which averages around nine seconds. Millennials are constantly active and constantly engaged by a barrage of advertisements that very few of them can recall the brand that appears in them. With promotional products, nine out of 10 millennials remember the brand, while 6 of them retain the messaging in their minds. These numbers are leaps better than traditional advertising since only 3 in 10 people remember broadcast ads, while a mere 2 in 10 do with online, print, and mobile ads.

Promotional products make good impressions with millennials

Millennials are receptive to promotional products. They are known for detesting and resisting traditional advertisements. Meanwhile, millennials have a more favorable view of promotional products. Positive impressions help brands connect with the consumers on a deeper, more personal level, which then promotes customer loyalty for years to come.

Top promotional products for millennials

In order to attract millennials to your brand successfully, you have to give them promotional products that they love. Here are the five best promotional products for millennials, according to the latest Global Advertising Special Impressions Study by the Advertising Specialty Institute.

Top 1: T-shirt: 57%

Premium Tee Unisex

Top 2: Desk accessories: 52%

Deluxe Mouse Mat

Top 3: USB drives: 51%

Swivel USB Flash Drive on Custom Backing Card

Top 4: Bags: 48%

Trevi Cotton Tote Bag

Top 5: Power banks: 32%

Gladiator Inductive Wireless Power Bank

Bonus: Outerwear

If you want to throw out the net to capture all consumer age groups, outerwear is the way to go. It is one of the top 5 influential products for all ages. It is also the top product for influencing opinions.

Adult’s Close Front Contrast Fleecy Hoodie

Giving away promotional products for millennials is a great way to capture a large part of the consumer market. Develop your marketing strategy to cater to millennial consumers. Start by giving away the top promotional products for millennials, which you can browse through our wide collection here. If you want to know how to market to millennials, we can help you in developing your promotional product campaign. Contact us at 08 9328 6400 (8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday) or sales@brandconnect.com.au.