Locally Made Promotional Products for Australia Day 2021

Australia Day is a time to be proud of your roots and origins. It is a day to come together and celebrate being Australian: our unique culture and history that makes our identity as a nation. As a brand, it is the perfect time to show our Australian pride, whether you’ve got upcoming marketing campaigns or just want to celebrate with your staff, customers, or clients. It only makes sense to support local businesses and products to boost our economy. Here are locally made promotional product recommendations to show off your patriotic pride!

1. Australian-Made Water Bottles

We are known for our beaches and surfing. And with water comes hydration. With the summer heating up, water bottles are a popular choice as giveaways and gifts. Hydration is a universal human need, so whether your audience is young or old, male or female, active or sedentary, water bottles will surely be a much-appreciated item.

2. Australian-Made Sunscreen

Nothing quite like sunscreen to remind us of our country. The Australian summer is quite a different beast compared to the summers in other countries. Our summers are a lot more intense. Therefore, we need tougher skin protection against the sun and its UV rays. Our local sunscreen is made for the Australian summer and complies with the Australian Standard for sunscreens.

3. Australian-Made Personal Protection

If there’s one thing that we have learned in 2020, it’s taking better care of ourselves and others. Wearing masks when suffering from a bug or allergies and regularly hand sanitising are important to curb the spread of diseases. After all, nothing is more patriotic than looking after our fellow countrymen.

4. Australian-Made Healthy Snacks

We are a healthy bunch and proud of it! We tend to lead more active lifestyles and choose fresh and healthy food. As such, healthy nibbles will be a great hit as giveaways. We have a wide range of healthy snacks to choose from, including an assortment of protein balls, nuts, dried fruits, and more.

5. Australian-Made Office & Desk Items

A huge part of our population makes up our workforce. Now’s the perfect time to show our appreciation for our staff, clients, and employed customers for contributing to the success of our companies and the economy. It doesn’t have to be a huge raise, sometimes it’s the simple gifts that count. Gift them with Australian-made office and desk items to thank them and motivate them to work harder.

Celebrate Australia Day 2021 with these Australian-Made Promotional Products!

The most patriotic thing you can do as a business this Australia Day 2021 is to support local businesses and buy local products! If you have upcoming promotional marketing campaigns that you need help with, book a free consultation with us! We will help you find the best promotional products for your needs. You can also call or email us for inquiries.