Best Promotional Products for the Baby Boomer Generation

While millennials are being seen as the key market to target by marketers, there are also opportunities to be seen with the baby boomer generation. The Baby Boomers make up a larger segment of the consumers. They also spend more compared to the younger generations due to their decades of saving and investing. Before writing them off, here are the ways their generation can benefit your business and which are the top promotional products for Baby Boomer Generation .

5 Surprising Info about the Baby Boomer Generation

Baby boomers are loyal

When they have a brand that they favour, you can expect that they’ll be buying from that brand consistently until something goes wrong. According to an industry study, 46% of them declare that they are quite to extremely loyal to their favourite brands.

Baby boomers are impulsive when buying

Unlike millennials who scour the internet for reviews before spending on products or services, baby boomers are more likely to purchase after just consulting a few sources. They also tend to believe word-of-mouth referrals and product tests than social media.

Baby boomers are financially loaded

The baby boomer generation has more considerable disposable income than millennials. Their generation is also reputed to be hardworking and diligent who have saved and spent wisely over the years.

Baby boomers are technologically adept

A common misconception about our elders is that they are hopeless when it comes to technology and the Internet. However, it turns out that it is wrong! Although TV is still their primary source of information, they spend as much time online reading blogs and online articles. Most of them also use search engines, email, and online shopping. Facebook is their social media platform of choice.

Baby boomers are fitness oriented

The baby boomer generation has developed better eating and lifestyle habits than their own parents. Since most of them are still in the pre-retirement stage of their lives, they are hard at work to have a better quality of life once they retire.

Top Promotional Products for Baby Boomer Generation

Promotional T-Shirts

Featured product: Budget Unisex Tee Shirt

While promotional t-shirts are popular among all ages, the baby boomer generation is the most enamored with them. Since they are the most active, they typically use these shirts during their workouts.

Promotional Calendars

Featured product: Folding Perpetual Calendar

While the baby boomers are mostly moving on with the times, there are some things that they still have not learned to let go, such as promotional calendars. According to ASI, the older generations are the ones most likely to own a promotional calendar.

Promotional Umbrellas

Featured product: Deluxe 30 Auto Golf Umbrella

Baby boomers love their promotional umbrellas since they are sensible people who want to avoid catching the flu during the rainy season. Umbrellas also work great in protecting the skin from the sun while golfing.

Promotional Coffee Mugs

Featured product: Collapsible Silicon Coffee Cups

Promotional coffee mugs are the most influential promotional products for the baby boomer generation according to ASI. No wonder as it is one of the first things that they use to get ready in the morning.

Promotional Golf Products

Featured product: Golf Genie

A favourite activity of the baby boomers is golfing. Since some of them are already retired, they have plenty of time to spare practicing on their swing in the lush golf ranges. Anything that they can use in their golf game will definitely be appreciated.

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