Unique Conference Giveaways to Train the Spotlight on Your Brand

Want your company to be the star of the next conference? By giving away unique conference giveaways , you can improve your brand awareness and recall, as well as booth traffic and display. These unique conference giveaways will already do half the promotional work for you. If you want in on all these benefits, here are some of the best conference gifts from Brandconnect.

Light Sabre Umbrella

Make everyone feel like they are the chosen one by giving away this Light Sabre Umbrella. These galactic umbrellas have a blindingly bright LED shaft that lights up with multiple colors to illuminate ways wherever they are in the galaxy. A flashlight is also installed on the bottom of the handle. On the other hand, the canopy is made from smooth 190T showerproof pongee that will protect you from rain or heat, while the rib spring-loaded metal and fibreglass frame fortify it against strong gusts of wind.

Orbit Wireless Phone Charger

In a highly technological world, it is important to stay connected at all times. Keep people’s phones juiced up and generate exposure for your brand at the same time with the Orbit Wireless Phone Charger. These next-generation phone chargers are compatible with wireless charging-capable phones. Phones only have to be placed on top of the surface in order to get it charging.


If you want to make an environmental impact while bringing out the nurturing side of people, get these seedpots. These packages are already assembled so you only have to water them after removing them from the package. You can also imprint your logo on the pots, making them cute desktop advertisements for your brand.

Massager Pen

Pens are already tried-and-tested promotional products that can take your brand to stratospheric heights. The only flaw with these giveaways is that they tend to have a short shelf-life since they have limited ink. The exception is this massager pen. These pens have a fully functional massage roller at the top so that people will still keep them around even if they have run out of ink.

Custom Colouring Book

One unique conference giveaway in this list is custom colouring book. Branded colouring books are the right one for your brand if your line of business is in the creative side of things or if your primary target market is children or the children-at-heart. With these giveaways, you have the option to customise the cover. You can even choose the colouring pages to include from a variety of black-and-white images.

Do not be the brand that goes ignored in the conference. Be the first company in the event on top of people’s minds with these unique conference giveaways. If you are looking for more ideas for the best conference gifts, you can contact our representatives through email at sales@brandconnect.com.au or call us by phone at 02 8072 3350 (office hours: 8:30 AM-5:30 PM, Monday through Friday).