Company Branded Drinkware

Custom printed drink bottles, glasses, cups and mugs

Finding the right custom drink bottle to give your clients and employees alike is not a problem with Brandconnect’s fantastic range of printed water bottles, cups & mugs and drinkware. They give long-term marketing benefits and make your brand stand out printed with our range of quality decoration options.

High-Quality & Affordable Promotional Drinkware for Successful Branding Campaigns

If you’re looking for timeless promotional tools that offer countless marketing benefits, custom drinkware is for you! As one of our most popular promotional product categories, you’ll find a wide range of promotional drinkware on our website. Rest assured, finding the best personalised bottles is hassle-free with our Shop Smarter & Faster filters. Simply adjust the filters on the left to find what you’re looking for!

Hydration is universal, therefore, promotional drinkware is an effective marketing tool to be used for any type of promotional and branding campaigns. Whether young or old, man or woman, Baby Boomers to Gen Z, anyone will be delighted to receive promotional drinkware as a giveaway or gift.

Finding the right promotional drinkware for your brand is easy with our Shop Smarter & Faster features. You can easily find personal drinkware of any type, colour, style, size, and feature just by adjusting the smart filters on the left or typing it on the search bar on top. Try it now to get started on your promotional campaign today!

Types of Promotional Drinkware

There are many different types of drinkware that suit the occasion and place. Find what you’re looking for in our wide range of water bottles, coffee cups, mugs and even beer glasses.

Personalised Water Bottles: Personalised water bottles can be made from plastic, glass, metal, and vacuum metal. They are versatile enough to be used for any branding campaign for brands of any industries. Depending on the make, they can be affordable enough to be giveaways for employee reward programmes, customer appreciation programmes, product or service launches, and sign-up freebies. The premium ones like the metal and promotional glass water bottles can be given as gifts to clients and executives.

Promotional travel mugs with logo: Perfect for people who are always on the go, these promotional travel mugs with logo generate countless impressions due to the mobile nature of the item. It is made for the outdoors, perfect for executives, outdoors people, and more.

Promo Mugs with Logo: One of the most affordable and popular promotional drinkware items, promo mugs are ubiquitous in any home and office. They are perfect as giveaways for employees, customers, and family members.

Reusable Coffee Cups: Reusable coffee cups are made for both the outdoors and indoors. They are also perfect for those working in an office due to their secured lid. They are environmentally friendly too.

Cups and Tumblers: Restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes can reap the benefits of promotional marketing with these branded cups and tumblers. They can also be given away as gifts and giveaways.

Beer Glasses: No bar or pub can ever go without beer glasses. These beer glasses are effective in spreading the word about your brand. Whether you’ll be using it in drinking and dining establishments, parties, and events, they’ll surely be effective in promoting your brand or messaging.

Wine Glasses: The marketing secret of restaurants and wineries are wine glasses. These wine glasses are also perfect as gifts for clients and executives.

Stubby holders: Stubby holders are affordable giveaways that last a long time. They are perfect marketing tools for beverage brands, parties, and sporting events.

Sports shakers: No fitness buff worth their mettle would go without their sports shakers. This reason makes them the best giveaways to target fitness and health nuts.

Flasks: Flasks have a high-perceived value, making them ideal gifts for clients and executives. There are two different kinds of flasks: hip flasks for alcohol and vacuum flasks for soup and warm beverages, such as coffee or tea.

Drinking Straws: Drinking straws are popular and eco-friendly giveaways. Coffee and tea shops, cafes, and other beverage brands can benefit from using these as giveaways or selling them as branded merchandise.

Branding Options for Promotional Drinkware

Pad Print: Pad print is a popular decoration method that is ideal for one to two-colour logos and designs. It prints the logo on your promotional drinkware by using a silicone pad to transfer the ink onto the surface of the item. It closely matches PMS colours on white and light-coloured items.

Screenprint: This decoration option is applied to the item one colour at a time, so it is preferable for one-colour logos and designs. It can also be used for multi-colour images but it requires an additional fee for each colour. It looks best on large solid areas of colour while also PMS matching colours on white or light-coloured items.

Full-Colour Digital Print: Vivid full-colour logos and images can be reproduced with this decoration method. An inkjet printer directly deposits the ink on the item surface. Some of its features can’t be matched by other methods, in terms of durability, variable data, low order quantities, fine details, and no colour restrictions.

Deboss/Foil Stamp: Deboss is a subtle decoration method that involves imprinting logos or designs with a depressed effect. If you want a more embellished effect, you can fill it with foil stamping.

Laser Engraving: It is ideal for personalised glass water bottles and metal drinkware. It is a permanent and high-quality decoration on promotional drinkware that leaves a high-perceived value finish. It is capable of producing variable data.