Exhibitions & Event Merchandise

Quality branded items for exhibitions, promotions, and events. Our event merchandise is perfect for exhibitions, award ceremonies, conferences, music events, sporting events, golf events, and festivals.

Promotional Trade Show, Exhibition, & Event Merchandise

If you’re looking for the best branded giveaways for exhibitions & events in Australia, you can find them right here on Brandconnect. They will get people remembering your brand long after the event has finished. Choose from hundreds of eye-catching promo products in our store: including banners, lanyards, badge holders, table covers, wrist bands, and more! See what your logo looks like on trade show merchandise, request a free digital mockup today!

The best promotional events utilise branded giveaways to make an impression on the attendees and potential customers. Whether an event organiser, delegate, or exhibitor, event promotional items are effective marketing tools to advertise your brand and expand your reach.

Event Merchandise Is The Perfect Advert

Studies report that promotional event products are more cost-efficient and affordable than any traditional advertisements when delivering results. They have a longer shelf-life, wider reach, and generate more ad impressions at a fraction of the cost. Here is what each type of event merchandise can do for your brand.

Lanyards & Badge Holders: Lanyards and badge holders are used by both event staff and attendees to hold their identification cards while also keeping your brand visible. They can also be used as affordable event giveaways that people can use after the event.

Banners: No exhibitions & events in Australia are complete without banners. They are used to introduce the event to passersby and help attendees find it.

Flags & Bunting: Same as banners, flags and buntings are decorations that announce the presence of an event. They are best used in outdoor events, such as sports games, festivals, and marathons.

Wristbands: Event tickets can be easily lost or torn. Wrist bands are more colourful and long-lasting alternatives to tickets. They can also be used as cool giveaways that people can wear after the event.

Table Covers: There is nothing as welcoming as branded table covers. They provide a good first impression as they are the first thing that event attendees see when signing up.

Fridge Magnets: Fridge magnets are another affordable event giveaway, which is why they are some of the most popular branded merchandise. Brands can print their company info and contact details on the magnet to help people recall your brand.