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Custom Notepads Are Cheap Promotional Tools that Improve Brand Profile and Attract Customers

Writing is a fundamental skill that is one of the first things that we learned upon growing up. Regardless of how technologically advanced the world becomes, we will always go back to putting pen on paper when expressing our thoughts, making lists, creating plans, and posting reminders for our loved ones and colleagues. Since everyone writes on paper multiple times a day, so why not take advantage of that and slap on your logo on personalized notepads?

Due to people’s repeated exposure to your logo, thanks to the useful company branded notepads, you will, in turn, get an improved brand recall, extend audience reach, and boost resonance among your target market.

Promotional notebooks are popular promotional products in Australia. It specifically targets the millennial generation, the country’s most powerful consumers at the moment. Since personalized notepads are meant for long-term use, they are commonly kept for a minimum of 14 months, according to industry reports. That’s how long your brand will stay with the recipients! Your brand will definitely be ingrained into the minds of people.

Promotional notebooks work great for a wide variety of marketing campaigns. Here are ways that they can help you to meet your branding and marketing goals:

School Fairs
Sales programmes
Trade shows, conferences, and seminars
Corporate gifts
Direct mail campaigns
Brand awareness campaigns
Employee reward and appreciation programmes
Recruitment drives
And many more…

You’ll Find Promotional Notepads of Any Colour, Size, and Style on Brandconnect

Whether you prefer A4s, A5s, sticky notes, diaries, full-colour prints, or pocket notepads — you’ll find them all on Brandconnect. Brandconnect has everything you’ll ever need to exceed your promotional notepads needs. We also create one-of-a-kind custom promotional notebooks according to your specification and design with a minimum order of 50 pieces.

Here are the differences between each type of custom promotional notebooks to enlighten you:

A4 Promotional Notebooks

A4 promotional notebooks have standard measurements. These are versatile but commonly used for school or work.

A5 Promotional Notebooks

The mini-me of the A4, our A5 custom promotional notebooks are half the size of the former. People usually use this as journals and small sketchbooks for artists.

Sticky notes

Sticky notes are fun to use due to the bright colours that they come in and their ability to stick onto anything. They are perfect for all occasions. They can be used to leave uplifting messages for coworkers or loved ones, remind people of tasks, and mark textbooks, among many other things.


Diaries are no longer just for writing about teenage crushes and angst. Even adults now keep a journal to vent out their feelings. They also act as organizers that contain itineraries, phone numbers, and calendars. People will appreciate receiving these as corporate gifts or rewards.

Pocket Notebooks

If you want promotional notebooks that can easily fit your purse or pocket, then these mini pocket notebooks are for you. Perfect for those who are always on the go, such as journalists, stenographers, assistants, and writers.

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