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Promotional water bottles are popular in Australia because its hot and Australians love sport. With a large print area and being low cost, Brandconnect’s personalised water bottles make successful promotional items. You can choose from different styles and colours to match your brand logo. Buy the best custom bottles in Australia from us today!

Why Printed Water Bottles Make Great Promotional Items

Our personalised bottles are a big hit among business owners in Australia who wanted to achieve increased brand awareness. In fact, they are one of the most sought after promotional products online. The reason is simple. Custom water bottles offer maximum brand exposure because they use over and over again.

Our branded water bottles make great promotional items for any kind of business in Australia. No matter what industry your business is affiliated with, it can benefit a lot of brand exposure from our printed bottles. We make sure that your logo or message is placed on a highly visible part of the bottle. Our goal is to help your business logo or message resonate with many people.

Our personalised bottles are best used as promotional merchandise for company picnic or sporting event. We sell our custom bottles at highly competitive wholesale prices. We offer the most cost-effective option for custom bottles in Australia. Any of our promotional bottles can surely impress and make your customers feel appreciated!

What Are the Materials Available for Our Branded Water Bottles?

Brandconnect has the best collection of custom branded water bottles online. We have different styles and colours you can choose from when you decide on which bottles are perfect to match your brand or message. We have different materials for our bottles. Let’s go one by one for you to see which material is greatly suited to your needs:

Plastic Water Bottles

They are the cheapest and most common promo items in our collection. Due to their versatility, plastic water bottles often come handy when people do recreational sports like running, walking, and biking. They are highly convenient to use because they are lightweight. They are perfect giveaways for corporate sport events!

Aluminium Water Bottles

They look modern. They look nice. If you want stylish custom branded water bottles that shine, choose our aluminium bottles. They are more durable than plastic bottles. They are heavier than plastic, but they come handy for people who bring water bottles to office, school, or in-between breaks on the field.

Glass and Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Glass bottles are durable and another stylish option for you. They may not be the best for sporting events, but they make great promotional items for people who can display them in the office. Stainless steel bottles, on the other hand, are durable as aluminium bottles. They can come in shiny metallic colours, shapes, and sizes.

BPA-free Water Bottles

They are ideal for athletes and health-conscious people. These bottles are particularly sensitive to chemicals. They are made of reusable plastics that can be refilled with water many times before you replace them. If your crowd is healthy conscious, like yoga enthusiasts, then BPA-free promotional bottles are the best for them.

Discounted Custom Water Bottles Online

Now that you have information on the styles, colours, and materials of our promotional products, let’s talk about our competitive prices. Brandconnect is the best online promotional store if you’re looking for the most competitive prices of promotional merchandise. If you buy in bulk for large-scale promotional giveaways, you can get bulk discounts. Talk to our team today and avail of the guaranteed low prices for our promotional water bottles in Australia!

Buy Personalised Water Bottles in Bulk

Are you ready to capture the attention of new customers for your business? Use our great promotional water bottles! Our printed bottles are versatile. They can always complement any marketing campaign. When you buy custom water bottles in bulk today, you get a great discount!

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Brandconnect Tip for Promotional Water Bottles

Water bottles are great promo items. They can be made even greater with the right design. We can help you make a great design that can surely capture the attention of your new customers. For more custimisation and personalisation of your printed bottles, work with our team. Let’s come up with custom water bottles that can entice new customers today!

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